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Award-Winning Utah Life, Career & Executive Business Coach Lou DePasquale has spoken at numerous public and private events across the country, in addition to his custom workshops and highly sought after coaching classes especially within Utah since 2008. His versatility with personal and professional topics alike, blend with a lighthearted touch that accommodates any audience for a wonderful experience. With an impeccable reputation and persevering through personal family tragedies and overcoming various life obstacles, Lou genuinely leads by example and will teach you how to be a leader in your own right, through team building skills or on an individual basis. 

Master Coach Lou was featured on Yahoo! Business News in 2009 and recognized by them as an "Outstanding Young Coach". He has mentored celebrities, notable figures, pro athletes, team members, and top level CEO's + Fortune 500 Companies around the world. His custom content and teachings have single handedly reached thousands of clients and has helped sales staffs, real estate agents, managers, car dealerships, major hotel chains and large corporations from beginner to advanced skill sets, no matter their backgrounds or impediments.  Mr. DePasquale was even featured in a 2008 Franchise Times Magazine for his exceptional corporate training within business coaching.

Speaking on a variety of topics such as: Accountability, Leadership, Team Building, Self Discipline, Sacrifice, Stress Management and the ongoing connection between Personal and Professional Life Management, Lou continues to show how not all speaking events or group coaching sessions have to be "cookie cutter" and boring for your business, college or team members. Speaking & Break Out Sessions have been a large part of Mr. DePasquale's coaching agenda and continues to be popular for events of all sizes. Attainment Life, Career, Business Coaching & Lou DePasquale remain Utah's #1 Coach!

- Speaking Events ~ Public, Private, Academic, Non-Profit

- Workshops or Classroom Style Coaching ~ Large or Small 

- Sales Workshops, Trainings & Strategic Sessions

- Team Building, Exercises, Custom Content For Your Business 

- Practice of  Coach Lou's "40 Day" Accountability Program

- Groups or Individuals ~ Personal or Professional ~ Follow Up Sessions

- Team Members, CEO's, Executive, Presidents & More 

- Extensive Franchise + Third Party Franchisee Coaching Experience

- Attainment Business Coaching 101 - Structured Outline & Checklist

- Leadership, Breakout Sessions, Group Discussions

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- Affordable, Powerful & Very Effective Since 2008 

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Attainment Coaching  Fair Terms - Publicly Stated Here Since 2008 - FOR ALL TO ABIDE

 - ALL Coaching Services, Packages/Timeframe Packages, Package Extensions/Renewals, Speaking Events & Sessions are 100% Non Refundable once payment of any kind is secured/processed, including pre agreed upon and outlined payment plans as applicable case by case. We do not pro-rate packages or session time, nor do we provide refunds or chargebacks/disputes of any kind due (but not limited) to change of heart, lack of progress, parental pressure/failure, change of lifestyle/college, son/daughter/client quitting/giving up, unforeseen circumstances, moving home or away from Utah or lack of use for any reason during coaching, regardless of the package being for actual client, client party, or family member such as spouse, sibling, son or daughter.  All "minutes" packages expire exactly one year from point of purchase, no exceptions, so be wise with your minutes and don't wait too long. ​ALL SALES ARE FINAL UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES including IF a client/party/parent wishes to proactively "fold" their paid package at any point and/or "release" Coach Lou from his duties within said package. That is their choice but no refund or pro-rate is allowed. We never charge a credit card or cash a check without clear/full approval of client, parent or party, so there is no mistaken once a package/service is agreed upon and processed under amicable terms. All renewals and extensions are 100% non-refundable once check is cashed or card is charged, regardless of exact time-frames and client/party participation. These clear rules have been in place since 2008, so please do not contact us at any point in time to cancel or refund a package/service as we will simply refer you to this public page for all to see and remind you of our 100% no refund policy once payment is secured/processed at point of sale, as this includes check and ANY kind of payment plan as well.  All outstanding payments are due as agreed and outlined between Attainment and client, with no exceptions or cancellations at any point in time for any reason whatsoever. All clients of Attainment understand and accept from this public page, that there are absolutely no chargebacks or card disputes allowed at any point in time.  This is simply due to client/client party accepting all terms on this page once package is agreed upon and first and/or only payment is processed.  This constitutes full agreement between client/client party and Attainment. Invoices are not required to be sent due to time constraints, so client/client party can let email agreement/language serve as sufficient invoice to note agreed terms and time-frames for both sides. 

 When a client/client party purchases a package or any service from Attainment, they are "purchasing" coaching time together.  Results vary person to person and we do not guarantee results due to a varying degree of effort and follow through to change.  Our objective is to provide support and viable options via our coaching.  It is up to each client to participate and benefit through dialogue and agreed structure/plan of action. After our time together is used, neither Attainment or client/party has any further obligation together whatsoever, unless a new package or service is then renewed. We cannot and will not force a client to the table. We will give 100% each time, but we are not at fault for a lazy or dis-engaged client or adult child.

*** Once client/client party has purchased a package with time (AKA minutes), the time/minutes allotted can be used as needed but expire exactly one year from the date of purchase. So be sure to use your minutes wisely and within one year OR you or your party will lose them. These are to be used within the 12 months by client/client party AND minutes cannot be carried over the 12 months, so please do not even ask us at any point.  We DO NOT "chase" pester or remind clients for sessions and to use their time, even if we go long periods without hearing any word or correspondence. It is up to client (or client party if applicable) to stay consistent and diligent with contacting us for ALL sessions at all points in time, as we never force clients to use their time. So clients are allowed to use at their own pace and schedule, which sometimes is not week to week but over the course of many months. Some clients even take the allotted year to use a small package. All sessions must be pre-scheduled around mutual schedules, for client & Attainment via email. Every In Person Session/Meeting carries a flat rate minimum of 90 minutes per and every Phone/Skype Session carries a flat rate minimum of 45 minutes per session. As a fair courtesy, any phone or Skype session that is less than 10 minutes is only charged for that time. Any phone or Skype session that is more than 10 minutes, is charged the flat rate of 45 minutes minimum.  No exceptions for anyone, this is policy for in person travel time and Phone/Skype set-up and prep time. Time is invested and counted through ALL channels of interaction with client which includes but is not limited to email, phone, Skype, texts, research, jobs, projects and so much more that revolves around all aspects of time with client. Time invested is just that, time invested on the part of Coach Lou and will be deducted from clients time/package.

The standard and fair format for deductions to a client for a no-call or now show to ANY scheduled meeting is as follows: 12 hours minimum notice (even for emergencies, sorry) for all moves or cancellations. 45 minutes deducted for all Phone/Skype meetings, 90 minutes deducted for In Person and a single loss meeting deducted from any time-frame/other package, even if it is the last meeting within a client package,. It will be lost. This includes client missing/forgetting/mis-scheduling an appointment, changing/canceling without at least 12 hours advance notice and a no-call or no show for the meeting. So BE diligent and punctual to ALL pre-agreed and pre-noted meetings and sessions between client and Coach Lou or your package will be deducted.  Once client and Attainment complete an amicable package, renewal options from that point on are at the sole discretion of Attainment and Coach Lou. He will notify client of continuation options or discuss his decision to respectfully part ways. We reserve the full right to refuse service and coaching to anyone at anytime. We reserve the right to not retain any client for any reason as we deem fit before coaching and/or at time of renewal. ALL extensions for clients are as WE see fit. They may only be available at various points of a clients package and at our discretion, due to client load and season. We will offer client the extension well before the end of current package, and they have to decide as volume dictates. Not when they do. This includes all "mutual" extension options between client and Attainment. Apologies for this, but it is fair to all and out of our control season to season. We have no obligation to retain any client or their party. Any unsecured package or service offered can be taken off of the table at any time due to varying circumstances between client/parry and Attainment Coaching.  Transfer of minutes from one family member to another is at the FULL discretion of Coach Lou only. If he feels there is enough time left in a package and is not a disturbance to his coaching craft, then he will oblige.  Again, it is solely up to Coach Lou and is strictly case by case with varying factors for approval.

*If a client/client party purchases a specific date/time structure (example: 1/1 - 7/1) then coaching is only to be serviced within those time frames.  Please note that there is NO minimum session time or overall package time that needs to be met by client or Attainment at any point and client may choose to skip a meeting, weeks, months (or longer) at their full discretion and we keep no records or data on specific sessions, dates, talks, communication at any point or within any time frame, nor or we required to.. Package/Program is based more on "any" time together with "no clock" day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year. Client chooses when they want to meet/talk/email/reply and we never force or pester to remind or again, keep track/logs of time/sessions spent together. We ALWAYS respect space and feel that coaching is a two-way street at all times. Attainment is happy to meet weekly/bi-weekly/monthly, talk often or as little as the client/client party chooses with the specific timeframe package. As with all packages, it is up to client to work hard with us each and every session/meeting. We will build and execute proper and applicable content, but client must be willing to be open and do their part. We will not be held liable/responsible for client/client party not meeting as much as they could/should or as much as a parent wishes for their adult child. Time-Frame packages are available in increments of 3/6/9/12/18 and 24 months (or custom multi-year increments as needed), so we advise to use wisely as service is only available within the agreed dates. Time is invested and counted through ALL channels of interaction with client which includes but is not limited to email, phone, Skype, texts, projects and so much more that revolves around all aspects of time with client. Time invested is just that, time invested on the part of Coach Lou. If a parent purchases a pre-agreed time-frame package for their son or daughter and the son or daughter chooses not to participate with Coach Lou during that allotted time, this does not reflect on Coach Lou or Attainment and no refunds or credits will be allowed for the time they did not use, even if this pattern continues for many months or the full time of the agreement. This includes adult children that have no or limited contact with their parents and only Coach Lou, He is not required to notify parents for lack of use of the agreed package and he always fulfills his side of an agreement/contract dates. Coach Lou will always attempt to engage throughout the package/agreement, but is not responsible for those who just will not reach back or reach out.  We try to engage as best as we can, but it requires reciprocation from your son or daughter.  At the end of the agreed/contracted dates, Attainment and client/party can re-evaluate to see if an extension is amicable or if it is best to part ways. Service can NEVER be stopped and extended or a pre-agreed structure (1/1-7/1 for example) modified in any way, so please do not ask. All time frame packages are as is once the dates are set and the first session commences. Also, Coach Lou IS NOT required to work with client's family or party in any capacity at any time. Especially if it becomes a daily problem, unproductive/stressful, time consuming or takes away from work with other clients. A check- in here and there is fine by phone or email, plus basic email strategy once and awhile but it cannot overtake Coach Lou's time each day. Packages and Services are based on our work with a client and NOT their parents/family or party. Any/All contact or correspondence between Coach Lou and client's party is a courtesy but not a requirement. Note that we update parents as we see fit and circumstances/progress with their child/party can change quickly. We are not responsible or liable for this . Coach Lou IS NOT required to answer his cell phone 24/7 for anyone at anytime or for any reason. Especially if a client or client party is abusing this or being rude with expectations. IF a client is being rude or disrespectful, Coach Lou reserves the right to limit scheduling contact and meetings/sessions/In Person scheduling to email only to set advance mutual dates and times for session.  No text or phone reach-out/contact or session scheduling if abused. Coach Lou has a life, a family and many other clients. Please be sure to email with advance notice to talk, meet or schedule a session while respecting Coach Lou's time as well. All emails, texts and phone calls will be answered in a fair-time frame, as Coach Lou cannot always be "Johnny-on the spot."

Coach Lou is NOT a Therapist, Doctor, Counselor, Suicide Hotline, LCSW, Marriage Counselor, Psychologist or any kind of mental health professional nor ever claims to be. His teachings and personal + professional coaching stem from personal experience, opinion and seasoned insight to help all clients better understand options, motivation, commitment, follow through and accountability leading to a more successful life, relationship, career and business approach within daily life. His marriage and relationship coaching offers basic tips/strategy from within his marriage to help others potentially benefit. It is up to clients and client party to implement due diligence, research and ask questions beforehand. Coaching is similar to consulting and those in need of counseling, therapy, suicide prevention/thoughts or mental health assistance of any kind, should contact a qualified doctor or the proper outlet at their own discretion and judgement at any point in time before OR during coaching, as it is not up to us to recommend any kind of mental health evaluation or advice. We always let clients know what we can and cannot do within our coaching boundaries. This is clearly stated on this website and within ALL free phone/email/in person consultations and we never stray from this. Neither Attainment Coaching or Coach Lou DePasquale will be held liable at any point in time for any miscommunication or misinterpretation whatsoever by potential client, client or client party/parent/family member. This includes before, during and after coaching with us. ALL clients/client parties, understand that by working with us in any capacity, we are fully released from any liability of any kind, before, during and after coaching. In tragic case of client/party's death, time/minutes leftover is not to be refunded and can be used by surviving family/party or simply folded at a loss to client party. As stated over and over on this page, we assume no risk and all clients/client parties are agreeing to proceed with coaching at their own understanding and risk. Coaching requires daily time and effort from client. We would love to wave a magic wand and help you attain your goals quickly, but it all depends on the client and their attention to hard work and dedication to the coaching partnership.


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