​2011 NCS Award-Winning Master Life Coach Lou DePasquale 
  2020/2019/2018 - IABL Recognized "Higher-Caliber" Life Coach Sponsorship

#1 Ranked College/Teen/Affluenza/Millennial Life Coach - 100 Universities

2016 Coach Creation Talk - "Measurable Progress that you can see and feel"
 2009 Yahoo! Business News "Outstanding Young Life & Career Coach"

Extensive Experience - 17 Years - Executive, Corporate, Private & Family

  2013 ILCN Award-Winner - "Most Versatile Life & Career - Coach Lou - 2013"
   Voted Utah's Best Family (ADHD/Spouse/Relationship) Life Coach - UFAM 2014/2015   

2019 Coach Creation Talk - "Privilege = opportunity, Entitlement = expectation"
     24/7 Pre-Scheduled Sessions + Direct Access To Coach Lou = Full-Time Coaching     

  Featured On TV, Podcast & Radio - Complete Coaching In 11 Countries
   Mentored Notable Figures, Pro Athletes, CEO's/Fortune 500 - Resiliency Coach

   2017/2016/2015 - GTEC California/Utah - Exclusive Life/Family/Career Coach
      One On One Life Coaching - "Best of 2011 & 2012 Solo Utah Life Coach" 
     2010 - 2014 - KUTV 2 News + KSL 5 - Life Coaching Utah Contributor

     2020 - 2019 - 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - TT Wellness #1 Ranked Utah Life Coach  

2018/2017 - Park City Executive Training Summit - Life Coach Content Advisor
      2008 Franchise Times Magazine - Featured Utah Training/Management Coach    
     All Backgrounds Welcome - LDS, Catholic, Non-Religious, LGBTQ - Relationship Coach    
    Fully Licensed & Certified - Privacy & Confidentiality For All Clients/Family 

​​     Utah's #1 Life Coach  -  Since 2008 


~ Our 24/7 Award-Winning Life Coaching   

Leadership, Motivation, Confidence, Self Respect, Self Worth, Sacrifice, Self Discipline, Accountability, Life Direction, Implementing Boundaries, Problem Solving, Ambition, Interpersonal Skills, Follow Through, Daily Regimen, Resiliency, Overcoming Procrastination, Schedule Creation, Strategic & Systematic Thinking, Gratitude List, Sleep Problems & Workaholic Mindset, Communication, Drive, Intervention, Finances (Daily Budget & Debt), Affluenza, Personal Goals, "Collegiate Road Map" College/Academic Agenda/Study Habits, Utah Millennials, Health Wellness & Fitness, Passion For Daily Life, Dependability, Character, Strong Work Ethic, Organization & Prioritization, Family, Support, Self Discovery, Building Relationships, Guidance, Impediments/Disabilities, Time Management, Stress Management, Overcoming Selfishness, Utah Personal Life Coaching, Saying No & Standing Your Ground, Social Awkwardness, Stumbling Blocks, Balance, Teens (15+), College Bound, Adult Children, LGBTQ, LDS Missionaries (Before & Return), Utah Life Coach, ADHD/ADD Adults, LDS Life Coach, Catholic Life Coach, Marriage & Relationship Coaching Tips (Goals-Strategy-Accountability), Stagnant Lifestyles, Veterans of War Professionals, High-Functioning Autistic/Asperger Adults, Empty Nests, Taking Ownership of Life, Helping Client Create Realistic Balance, Familial & Professional Life Management. Park City Utah Life Coach Provo Utah Life Coach Salt Lake City Career Coach.

   ~ Our Signature Career Path & Job Coaching       

Becoming Indispensable, Economy Resilient, Help Assess Your Talents, Abilities & True Potential, Target Area, Job Search Tips, Professional Resume Creation Tips, Career Change, Overcoming Fear of Failure, Interview Coaching & In Depth Preparation, Building Contacts, Proper Etiquette, Social Skills, Assertiveness, Initiative, Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving, What Is Working & What Is Lacking, Seek & Accept Feedback, New Opportunities, Proper Dress & Attire Tailored To Job, Project Planning & Accountable Progress, Balancing Career & School, Effective Communication & Professionalism, Workplace Politics, Passion & Fresh Approach For Your Career, Overcoming Ineptitude, Attention To Detail, Career Gratification & Self Growth, Climbing The Ladder, Daily Efficiency, Workplace Time & Stress Management, Working From Home, Extensive Travel, Differentiating Yourself, Utah Career Coach, Executive Coach. 

 ~ Our Powerful Executive - Business - Team Coaching     

Executive & Management Leadership Development, Internal Communication, ​​Pinpointing Specific Problem Areas, Sensitivity & Awareness Training, Streamlining, Diversity, Corporations, Performance Coaching, Creative/Fresh Ideas, Focus, Collaboration Skills, Concentration, Team/Staff Management & Etiquette, Business Plan, Creation of New Ideas, Family Business Assistance & Conflict Resolution, Professional Group/Spouse Coaching, Understanding Sales Training & Workshops, Service Analysis, Starting A New Business (Ground Up), Workplace Environment Management, Growing/Promotion Within Your Company, Self Empowerment, Training & Business Manual Creation, Team Members & Staff Coaching, Powerful Seminars & Workshops, Networking, Turn Key Business, Profit Margins, P&L Sheets, Utah Business Coach, Clear Strategies, Realistic Expectations, Travel/On-Site Team Training, Project Management.


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