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 2011 NCS Award Winning Master Coach Lou DePasquale

Personal & Professional - Life, Career, Business Coach 

   #1 College & Teen Life Coach - 100 Major Universities

2009 Yahoo! Business News "Outstanding Young Coach"

    Extensive Experience - 15 Years - Corporate & Private 

    2013 ILCN Winner -
"Most Versatile Life Coach 2013"

Seasoned & Well Respected Family/Spouse Life Coach

  2008 Franchise Times Magazine Featured Training Coach

 Featured On TV & Radio - Now Coaching In 11 Countries

 Fully Licensed - Privacy & Confidentiality For All Clients

  One On One Coaching - "Best of 2011 Solo Life Coach"

 2010 - 2013 - KUTV 2 News Life Coach Contributor


2016/2015 - TT Wellness #1 Ranked Utah Life Coach

 Male/Female - Middle Aged - Workshop/Speaking Events

All Ages & Backgrounds - LDS, Catholic, LGBT

From Professionals & Adults To Teens & College Bound


  2016 - Commit To Change


Attainment Life Coaching -
  Leadership, Motivation, Confidence, Self Respect, Self Worth, Sacrifice, Self Discipline, Accountability, Life Direction, Implementing Boundaries, Ambition, Interpersonal Skills, Follow Through, Daily Regimen, Overcoming Procrastination, Schedule Creation, Gratitude List, Communication, Drive, Finances (Daily Budget & Debt), Personal Goals, "Collegiate Road Map" College/Academic Agenda/Study Habits, Health Wellness & Fitness, Passion For Daily Life, Dependability, Character, Strong Work Ethic, Organization & Prioritization, Social Networking, Family, Support, Self Discovery, Options, Guidance, Time Management, Stress Management, Overcoming Selfishness, Saying No & Standing Your Ground, Social Awkwardness, Overcoming Stumbling Blocks, Balance, Teens (15+), College Bound, Adult Children, LGBT Life Coach, LDS Missionaries (Before & Return), Parent Coaching, ADHD/ADD Adults, LDS Life Coach, Catholic Life Coach, Marriage & Relationship Coaching Tips (Goals-Strategy-Accountability), Stagnant Lifestyle, Veteran Professionals, High Functioning Autistic Adults, Empty Nesters, Baby Boomers, Taking Ownership of Life, New Year Resolutions & Goals Plan, Helping Client Create Realistic Balance In Personal & Professional Life Management.

Attainment Career Coaching -  Becoming Indispensable, Help Assess Your Talents, Abilities & True Potential, Target Area, Job Search Tips, Professional Resume Creation Tips, Career Change, Overcoming Fear of Failure, Interview Coaching & In Depth Preparation, Building Contacts, Proper Etiquette, Social Skills, Assertiveness, Initiative, New Opportunities, Proper Dress & Attire Tailored To Job, Balancing Career & School, Effective Communication & Professionalism, Workplace Politics, Passion & Fresh Approach For Your Career, Overcoming Ineptitude, Attention To Detail, Career Gratification & Self Growth, Climbing The Ladder, Daily Efficiency, Workplace Time & Stress Management, Working From Home, Extensive Travel, Planning For Retirement, Negotiating Help, Differentiating Yourself Via Personal Branding.


Attainment Business & Executive Coaching -  
Pinpointing Specific Problem Areas, Small Business, Corporations, Fortune 500 Companies, Performance Coaching, Creative Ideas, Focus & Concentration, Business Plan, Creation of New Ideas, Family Business Assistance & Conflict Resolution, Group Coaching, Sales Training & Workshops, Service Analysis, Starting A New Business (Ground Up), Revamping A Sluggish Company, Growing/Promotion Within Your Company, Marketing, Branding, Self Empowerment, Complete Training & Business Manual Creation, Public & Private Speaking Events, Team Members & Staff Coaching, Powerful Seminars & Workshops, Networking, Profit Margins, P&L Sheets, Project Management, Quality Goals & Clear Strategies, Realistic Expectations, Balance of Personal & Professional Management, Travel/On-Site Team Training, Employee Scheduling, Project Management, CEO & Executive Team Coaching, Public & Private Coaching.


   Choosing Attainment

Coaching content, sessions and teachings are custom designed by Award-Winning Master Life Coach Lou DePasquale.  
Other coaches and companies are big on plagiarizing from the masses, repeating what they hear, printing worksheets they find online or just plain winging it from client to client.  At Attainment, Coach Lou DePasquale has volumes of personal & professional content in which he has created over the years.  Whether on the road teaching or from working one on one in the trenches with Attainment's vast clientele, Coach Lou is always writing, making notes and building custom content to draw from for each client that graces his award winning coaching company.  Constantly tinkering to find out what is working, what needs improvement and where to apply the content to each client for their custom package.  Applicable dialogue is also a key ingredient in proper coaching from our standpoint.  We take great pride in building a special ongoing rapport with each client.

Finding out what pertains specifically to client in all areas of need is not only the first step, but ongoing throughout the partnership.  Information is our "raw material" in a sense, as we can only help with what we know from client to client.  Once we have relevant information and work to understand a clients personality and background, we can assist them in small steps of progression within their capacity.  As we grow together, we can then gauge content load, release new material and implement an even stronger routine day to day.  Coach Lou pays close attention to each client and their progress level at all times, as we know full well that each person moves at a different pace.  In our book: a stumble is not a fall and a fall is just a lesson learned.  So when you work with us, you are getting an arsenal of knowledge and proven experience mixed with patience and structure that is always evolving for the betterment of you. 

    Unequivocal Success

Our immaculate coaching reputation, exclusive coaching content and innovative programs have been featured on numerous TV & Radio segments as well as in many newspaper, magazine and web articles around the country.  Aside from successful coaching within Utah and extensively traveling the country from Alaska to the US Virgin Islands, Founder & Accomplished Coach Lou DePasquale's large reach has impacted clients from Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Greece, Japan, Mexico, France, Italy, Russia, United Kingdom, Chile, and China. His accolades and effective life coaching techniques on a worldwide level at such a young age, continues to turn heads all across the industry.  Our goal has never been to offer cookie cutter coaching to appease the masses.  This is why we believe in coaching quality as opposed to mass quantity.  Furthering our admiration for complete life coaching perfection that is done the right way, from the very start.  

In early 2008, Coach Lou uniquely (and exclusively) designed and debuted the idea of coaching packages around "minutes" so clients can purchase an assortment of packages that simply deduct the minutes as used via In Person, Phone, Skype or through basic/all interaction with him.  These quickly proved to be a great success while being featured in not only many TV, Radio & Media interviews over the years, but became the staple they are today within Attainment Coaching's package line-up, now in mid-2015 due to demand.  We also offer "time-frame" packages in various increments, including 3, 6, 9, 12 months and so on.  This way, clients can choose to stop the clock and focus on time together and meaningful coaching for a set period.  We are happy to discuss all options by complimentary phone consultation or email.  You can also visit our Session Packages tab (top of this page) for detailed information. All packages, pricing and services are based on seasonal availability and fluctuation of client volume.

      Strategic Partnership

Our seasoned and well respected coaching will become an essential part of your daily life.
  Too often we trivialize the obvious obstacles in our lives because they might seem unimportant or petty in terms of needing to make a true change.  Whether personally or professionally, life coaching can cover many crucial areas of focus.  For some it is lack of direction, stagnant lifestyle or relationships and career problems, for others it is finances, family, or lack of accountability and self discipline via college or daily life thereafter.  "Can't Do v.s. Won't Do" or "Lack of Skill v.s. Lack of Will."  Award-Winning Master Coach Lou DePasquale is extremely resourceful and can help any age and background within the boundaries of a healthy mindset and the willingness to progress on behalf of client.  Life, Career & Business Coaching is a partnership, process and avenue to enhance self development and "realign" many areas of client need. 

Attainment is not a fly by night coaching company and we have no problem practicing constructive "tough love" with all clients, 
as you can see from our accolades over the years.  It is important for clients to be honest, open, patient and completely onboard with an agreed plan of action from start to finish.  Coaching paves the way to strengthen and greatly improve 
personal & professional areas of need, instill leadership, weigh fresh and viable options, and provide insight to make better choices.  While our coaching is not militant in style, we are a stark contrast to a hand holding-singing and dancing commune. If you are looking for an extreme bootcamp with a barking officer or a short-lived heart felt reality t.v. experience, we cordially ask that you seek elsewhere.  Balancing hard work, extensive travel and a clear understanding of each client's needs, we have earned a stellar reputation for how coaching should be done.  After all these years, we are still here and going strong...

Master Coach Lou DePasquale has an unwavering pursuit of coaching perfection 
and has set the bar within the coaching industry.  Outlining viable options that create a realistic balance for each and every client has been a successful formula touted by Coach Lou for many years.  Allowing the coaching partnership to become a cornerstone within your daily life is something that will always supersede money invested, regardless of size.  Many neglect the importance of daily coaching, mentoring and developing which are the true keys of success.  

What makes Master Coach Lou so effective in this regard, is that his personality just naturally caters to all walks of life.  Then comes his coaching techniques, vast experience, global travel and coaching content. His successful interactions in life and business around the world for many years, shows no limits in terms of religion, gender, race, age, sexual-orientation, handicap or ANY kind of respective background or level of intellect.  Client connection through versatility is critical.  These are just more reasons why choosing Attainment will be of great benefit for you and your family, personally and professionally. 

        24/7 Dedication

Our 24/7 pre-scheduled sessions are exclusively unique to the entire coaching industry, as Master Coach Lou DePasquale eats, drinks and sleeps coaching.  Life Coaching is his business and he dedicates 100% of his professional time to Attainment and his vast clientele.  Unlike "coaches" that have non-applicable full-time other jobs, weekends mandatorily off and invest only a few minimal hours per week into make-shift coaching.  Master Coach Lou DePasquale has zero distractions, and no food cart on the side of the road or posing as a real estate agent for extra income throughout the week.  So you and your family receive 24/7 experienced award-winning life coaching around the clock for optimal results.

Need a pre-scheduled session at 11pm, 1am, 3am or 5am on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?  How about 7am, 2pm, 8pm or 10pm on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday?  Since 2008, Attainment clients love the flexibility that Coach Lou offers through his pre-scheduled sessions around other clients, seasonal availability and mutual daily obligations that daily life brings us all, even Coach Lou.  All ages can greatly benefit from our continued willingness to assist them around prior commitments.  College-aged young adults enjoy weeknights or late weekends, while mom and dad appreciate a late morning weekday or late night due to kids and dinner.  Maybe you are a working professional with only 45-minutes dedicated to life coaching on a weekly basis, Tuesday at 11am?  We've got you covered.  Trust us when we say that 24/7 pre-scheduled means just that.  We have even helped coach clients in dire need on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve morning!

  Price Is What You Pay - Value Is What You Get

Respecting The Value of Coach Lou & Attainment - When evaluating the "coaching partnership" in any form it is critical to be invested emotionally, NOT monetarily, from day one.  We do receive inquiries from potential clients that are so focused on the money aspect, as opposed to the true value of our life, career and business coaching.  We choose not to retain these clients based on too much focus in the wrong area.  Respective budgets in life are a given for all, but this cannot deter one from true progress and self-growth short and long term.  Coach Lou is only one person, so his time is not only limited, but he is very passionate with his form of coaching.  Taking on the masses is a thing of the past. We are selective with our client roster and our coaching content, so we aim to only retain those who are completely committed to the process.  

Coach Lou is proud of his unique skill-set, stellar track record and sought after ability to genuinely help clients in various ways, IF they want to be helped.  But they must see the value in his coaching to maximize their full potential with each session and interaction.  From our standpoint, real commitment to coaching always comes before money.  We also receive many emails from people sharing painful stories of having chosen an inferior coach and not only wasting money, time and energy, but were promised something that just could not be delivered.  These clients seek out Attainment based on a multitude of reasons, including connection, trust, diversity, efficiency, consistency and an impeccable coaching record for so many years.

Life Coach Lou's "Gratitude List" - We are all guilty of losing sight with what is right in front of us every single day.  Being truly thankful for health, family, career and the great things that make us who we are can be overlooked by even the most successful person.  Coach Lou helps each client meticulously outline a custom gratitude list, personally and professionally.  This will serve as a constant reminder for client to practice self worth and genuine appreciation for all the exceptional people and essential elements that make such a big difference.

  College-Teens-Adult Kids

Parents seek out a life coach and mentor of immense trust and high integrity for their teen, boomerang kid, failure to launch and college bound (or dropout) adult child with the base point of developmental needs and/or fine tuning that proves critical within their age bracket and obstacles. Important focal points such as confidence, motivation, structure and daily agenda, social skills, overcoming awkwardness, procrastination, organization, budgeting, accountability, discipline, work ethic, academics, relationships and just proper transitioning into adulthood one step at a time.  

Whether they live on campus, on their own or still with mom and dad, a coach that can be "like family" is essential for the teen or adult child.  Some are full-time school, some may be "taking a semester off" while others are just looking to bypass school and join the workforce, but need a helping third-party and non-family hand to get going.  An experienced life coach will not only design core teachings for each teen or adult child, but walk side by side with them during positive implementation mixed with patience and care, while keeping parents involved and updated.  We happily cater to on-campus (Utah schools) in person meetings, mixed with effective Phone/Skype sessions.  Coach Lou also works via Phone/Skype with clients and schools across the USA and abroad.  He is an essential piece of mind for parents who live out of state, but their son or daughter attends a Utah school.  Having someone of trust and great character in addition to the coaching position, is a breath of fresh air.  Parents are also welcome to "split" a package with their teen or college student.  Simply ask for more details.

   Accountable - Less Dependent - Consequence of Action

Your family member will greatly benefit from our coaching, techniques and programs carefully designed around this targeted age range of 15-30 years old.  These programs are content specific, so we keep in mind the respective obstacles currently impeding their progress.  Award-Winning Master Coach Lou DePasquale has been recognized by many media outlets as a seasoned and prominent family life coach, clearly due to his expertise and lengthy proven coaching record over the course of many years. This in addition to proudly touting an endless amount of family coaching clients.  This specific age range is the perfect time to get healthy habits, positive decision making and life direction implemented.  Inquire for more details and please utilize this entire website as an important resource tool for reviews and applicable information.  

Adults & Professionals seek out life, career and business coaching to make a good situation GREAT!
  While many others look in the mirror and feel that something is lacking in their day to day life. A change is needed, but what is it? Even if they know what "it" is, are they really going to be able to make a real change on their very own?  Who will hold them accountable or understand the problems they face within career, family, finances and relationships/marriage?  This is precisely where a professional life coach comes into play.  Whether you are 25, 35, 45, 55 or 65 we have extensive experience coaching all ages and backgrounds.

Our famous packages were designed years ago around helping clients detail a realistic agenda, stick with it and benefit from long term results.  Master Coach Lou has successfully worked face to face around the globe, helping people not only spark new ideas and a fresh approach, but actually allowing them to experience true progress that makes a real change to build momentum and carve a new path.  This is all within the life, career and business coaching capacity and marks no boundaries for how successful an Attainment client wants to be.

Individuals & Companies of all sizes and diverse industries choose an Executive Coach
 to help shed light on target problem areas, while fine tuning employees, implementing effective marketing and raising profits.  Maybe it is the CEO at the top of the chain privately battling fear of failure or the negative attitude of the Executive Management Team.  What if you are a team member in a new company and looking to fit in or take your skills to a new level?  Hiring a Business Coach would be a great way to gain an edge by working with Coach Lou to climb the ladder and secure a proper promotion.  His vast experience worldwide mixed with a strong business background will be essential to your needs, especially if you are a tenured team member growing within your company.  We also help staff members and companies that just can't seem to meet sales quotas or amplify production.  Coach Lou was featured in a 2008 Franchise Times Magazine for his contribution to corporate training within business coaching.

Even with a family business or partnership that is seeing endless personal and professional problems, finding that much needed balance is what we do best.  An Executive & Business Coach is a must!  Coach Lou was mentored by 5 of the most prominent, well respected and diverse Utah businessmen to date. From the difficult tasks of re-staffing members or tediously training teams, to his precise attention to detail and the willingness to "take the reigns" with your business and lead by example.  Whether a one person show, a small business, mid-level corporation or a Fortune 500 company, Coach Lou has been there and proven to be indispensable in every way.

 Personal Accountability

Attainment Coaching's "Lemon Sessions" - Lemon Sessions are a great way for coach and client to recap areas of improvement along the way.  This term is defined in Corporate America as a meeting to strategize how specific obstacles and issues can be greatly improved upon at a given time.  Coach Lou has conducted lemon sessions throughout board rooms across the country.  He now uses them in life coaching sessions to help clients better assess problem areas and focal points in need of improvement.  This will lead to a more effective base-point when discussing accountability and what client can be doing differently day to day.  Coach Lou designed these to be constructive yet an open forum.

"Master Coach Lou's Self Discipline & Accountability Teachings" -  Self Discipline and Accountability seem to fall by the wayside for many.  Coach Lou leads by example with some of his major accomplishments over the years.  From the premise of "Lent & 40 Days of Sacrifice" Coach Lou has successfully sacrificed many daily areas of life over the years: 

40 days no television, 40 days no meat or fish, 40 days no soda, 40 days no eating fast food and nothing but healthy home cooked meals.  This led to a more balanced life of exercise, reading and spending quality time with family and friends.  Implementing self discipline and self accountability is critical for each of us for many different reasons.  Pulling from an accomplished background and a successful and genuinely happy 16 year marriage, Coach Lou helps each client understand what it means to be bigger than something and map out a custom plan of action to help them be better disciplined and more accountable, personally and professionally.  Our marriage & relationship coaching tips offer clients a platform to plan, organize and strategize new ways to be proactive.  Learning to practice self-accountability, confidence and goal setting while implementing fair boundaries, will go a long way.

   Superlative Coaching

What you will get from the very first session - Attainment Coaching Sessions are always performed with Master Coach Lou DePasquale via In Person, Phone & Skype just as they have been since 2008. Never with some subordinate or "team" of call center employees in some bizarre location. Coach Lou and only he, will work around the clock to help design a custom agenda and plan that strongly sets the pace for understanding your personal and professional goals.  Clients need a seasoned and experienced coach that will patiently allow room for error and encourage gradual growth that is well within reach.  His unique approach will help client openly "lay everything on the table" which encompasses all areas of organization and prioritization. 

Helping clients efficiently "decode" some of the stressful topics
 within their life, is a gift Coach Lou possesses.  Building trust, working toward a common ground and establishing a genuine connection between client and Coach Lou is imperative, as he works to help client practice self realization AND assist with new ideas that are completely pertinent and from his vast arsenal of knowledge.  His amazing versatility & adaptability will be welcomed and appreciated right off the bat.  Attainment's globally recognized coaching techniques and strategies will quickly become popular in their own right. Attainment & Master Coach Lou DePasquale take great pride in being able to have successfully coached thousands of clients around the world. 

                          Goal:  Defines The Destination

         Objective:  Establishes a Series of Concrete Steps 

- Laying everything on the table - Getting to the core of obstacles, frustrations and all personal + professional issues.  We will also get a general idea of short, mid and long term goals. It is important for client to realize that they must take ownership of their life and goals.  This is a great developmental stage for the client and Coach Lou. Client will also get a glimpse into our meticulous methods and a solid precedent will be set for the entire partnership.  Client will always have a notebook or laptop with them, to reiterate critical focal points and study from their side.  From day one to the end of your coaching with Attainment, you will never feel behind or out of place.

- Work with Coach Lou to Prioritize & Organize -
 Sift through what is "on the table" and start to map out direction, tools/capabilities and initial strategic objectives.  This also helps with learning how to set boundaries in your personal and professional life.  Coach Lou has an acute attention to detail and will not only help clients make hard and effective decisions based on the best information currently at hand, but also keep a keen eye to the future and stay two steps ahead.  This stage sets the pace for strong sessions that are clear, effective and as beneficial as client will allow them to be.  Coach Lou positively reinforces responsibility and accountability. 

- What Clients need to hear, as opposed to what clients want to hear - At Attainment Coaching, everything has a purpose and a plan.  We are always upfront and constructively honest with each client, because this is the proper platform to help them succeed and also identify repeated pitfalls within their life and career.  Our goal is to help client gain positive momentum and achieve measurable progress that will lead to a stronger overall progression.  Leadership, Motivation, Commitment, Work Ethic and a Positive Regimen will be laid out in clear detail.

- Each session with Coach Lou will be powerful, insightful and very informative - Client will walk away from each meeting with something to work on and a positive approach to actually execute our daily agenda in a consistent manner.  Daily Regimen & Healthy Repetition will start to be focal points as well. Client must be working hard on a daily basis, seeing small results block by block and moving forward in the right direction.  Coach Lou will be side by side to make sure client is accountable, staying focused, positive and following through.  Coach Lou offers many "lines of defense" to keep clients accountable and on track.  This might include a daily phone call or a text and nightly email. Over the years, Coach Lou has successfully implemented an excellent array of options to help any mindset. 



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