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   "Investing in Attainment Coaching will always produce a long-term return"  


 * All Consultations Based On Our Availability  -  (801) 412-2607

  * Sessions, Pricing & Packages Fluctuate - Availability Based Strictly On Season & Client Volume

  * ALL Ages - Professionals, Companies, Parents, Adults, Adult Children, College & Teens

  * Privacy & Confidentiality - For ALL Clients/Sessions/Family

  * Phone & Skype Sessions - Flexible, Consistent & You Can Be Located Anywhere!

  * One On One/Individual Coaching or Parent/Spouse/Family Time

  * Every/Any In Person Meeting - Flat Rate Minimum of 90 Minutes Deducted

  * Easy To Use - Time Is Merely Deducted/Counted Through All Interactio

  * ALL Packages Interchangeable - In Person, Phone, Skype or Mix

  * Time-Frame Packages - 3-6-12-24-36 Month/Custom Increments



   Attainment Packages  
 Custom Designed Package - Featured on TV & Radio 
     Use Sessions Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Bi-Monthly 
     Exclusive Coaching Content Created By Life Coach Lou

    500 Minutes - Over 8 Hours  
   1000 Minutes - Over 16 Hours 

      Popular One on One Personal & Professional Coaching Package 
      Great Package For a "Tune Up" or Setting A Stronger Daily Pace In Life
       Excellent Short - Mid Term Life & Career Package For All Ages 
     Communication, Confidence, Tone Setting, Planning & Vision
       Both Attainment Packages Offer Cost Efficiency For All Budgets 


Leadership Package
     1500 Minutes - 25 Hours 

    Looking To Step Up & Make A Change?  Then This Package Is For You
        Focal Points:  Leadership, Accountability & Follow Through 
   Exclusive Coaching Content & Teachings Created By Life Coach Lou

      VERY Popular Package For College Bound + Teens 
  Versatile Option:  Adults, Individuals, Professionals + Companies

   Implement Healthy Habits - Balance, Productivity, Structure, Positive Attitude  

   Excellence Package
     2000 Total Session Minutes 
  33 Hours of Our Famous Coaching

                 Exclusive Coaching Content & Teachings Created By Life Coach Lou                

 Personal + Professional Life Management  - From Lou's Speaking Events
Package Used By Celebrities, Pro Athletes & Top Level CEO'S

  Strong Implementation of Coach Lou's "Leadership & Excellence" Wheel 

 Famous Family Package For Sharing - Mom/Dad & Children
Daily Agenda, Core Structure, Self Management, Balance

Overview & Detailed Outline of "Attainment's Road Map To Success"
2000 Minutes = Developmental Coaching Leading To True Change
Signature Package For College Bound & Teens Since 2008

  Attainment Coaching
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   Salt Lake City, Utah


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