"WOW Lou!  I am very impressed on so many levels.  Really! You are truly a Renaissance man of great proportions. Your universal coaching has helped so many people and will continue to do so for years to come."

- Dan Mule - Salt Lake County Treasurer - Utah - April 2011

"Coach Lou Changed The Course of My Destructive Direction - "Practice makes perfect. It was something I have known since I was a child. However, it is hard to practice something that you don't know or care to know. With this and other major problems in my life, it was time to seek out a life and business coach. Some colleagues gave some points, but could not recommend a coach that would fit my needs per say. I looked like crazy online into the night and found my coach! Asked for a free consultation and within 45 minutes I was on the phone talking to Master Coach Depasquale. He asked me question after question with rapid fire, yet held close a specific care and touch in his voice that would come into play down the road in our coaching sessions. Personal details, work details, family details and more. He left no stone unturned. What came within the next year of coaching together and many packages, was something I never expected to see in my life. Clarity! Lou changed the course of my destructive direction by pushing me right to where I needed to be. I felt better. My life was on track. My work was exceptional and I charged through my obstacles with fierce momentum. I look back on where I was at that time and cannot believe that I was the same man. Coach Lou Depasquale is my hero! He coached and mentored me at 47 years old and taught the old dog to do the right tricks. I thank him profusely and still utilize the coaching tools in my daily life."

M. Ashmore - SLC, Utah - May 2009

"Life & Career Coaching For An Autistic Young Adult" - "Mr. DePasquale - We believe that you were sent to us for a higher purpose than what you may think. It takes so much love and patience to work with and around autism. Many think it easier if they are higher functioning or adults, but that is a pure misinterpretation. You were an angel. Being a coach, role model and mentor went much farther then any of us thought. Even other professionals we have had work around the family in the past just could not find the recipe for any kind of success. You were the key ingredient! A life coach that never gave up and always kept a strong mindset with only reaching toward the highest star! Blessings Coach Depasquale!" 

Palmer Family - Salt Lake City, Utah - August 2013

 "Thanks so much for your help on getting the job.  Your advice on the lecture was spot on. Could not have gone better, and that was what clinched it.  Our sessions were time very well spent. I may call you again for some more sessions if you are game.  This a total shift away from what I've done my whole life."

- J. Bell. - Westminster College Directing Professor of Nursing- Utah July 2010  

"A Male Life Coach That Changed This Female" - "Coach Lou, I wanted to send an email thank you message. I came to you confused, scared, unorganized and completely lost with my self management. Being 35 years old, female and not a parent, I was unsure if you could help me. After our consultation I could tell that your experience and male perspective, would be important for me to utilize. I am so glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone and worked with you! You are the male coach that changed this female for the long haul!! LOL. I hope that you can understand just how much you helped me. Career, relationships, family, social, financially and so on. Hugs and Kisses Coach!"

J.P.W. - Salt Lake City, Utah - November 2009 

"Mr. D, Thank you for renewing my package so we can continue our twice a week sessions. I am very impressed with your experience, guidance and passion. Partnering with you the past year has been something that has become an important outlet for me. Looking forward to the continued support and help. "Getting out what I put in" as you always say! Thanks."  

- Jeff C. Randall - President - SC Inc. - Lehi, UT 

"When my husband and I were looking for a life coach to help with a boatload of issues we wanted someone who was in our financial range but also was experienced with a strong track record to actually help people. Our hardest point was to get a free consultation or even a call back. When I emailed Lou for the first time he responded (On a Saturday) within 20 minutes from his phone email! After the free consultation, Jeremy and I felt very comfortable. Lou has a way of making you feel like he has known you for years. Each session was always on the ball and Lou was always upfront and honest with us. Our lives have changed for the better, and Lou was instrumental in this process."

- Kathy West - Provo, UT 2009

"The Value of Life Coach Lou" - "I now realize that obstacles are not only the ones in front of us, but are mostly connected to the things we hide under the rug in our personal and professional lives, each and every day. Coach Lou taught me that! The value of Coach Lou is what kept me going on hard nights with my wife and kids. What kept me going when work became too hard and money was more and more tight. He led me down a path that was realistic, and helped me understand that everything starts with me and my effort on a daily basis."

Z.R. Westin - SLC, Utah 2012

"I tried multiple life coaches and they all completely failed me! I worked hard and tried to outline to each one what the problems were, but they lacked connection and effort to help me move forward. After WEEK #1 with Lou I could see that a life coach finally understood how to help me, as oppose to trying to "fix" me. Lou took control of our coaching sessions (what I needed badly) and made sure I stayed in tip top shape with goals, daily agenda, healthy repetition and true motivation that stems from self growth you can see on a daily basis. Lou really is the coach of all coaches!!!"

-Michael Ayon - SLC, Utah 2013

"Thank you for being an instant change for our teen daughter " - "Lou - You are an absolute amazing life coach! What a tough road we have been down with KC. 18 years old and not understanding what a great life she has every time she opens her eyes. After meeting you and really getting into a positive rhythm, it was like a completely different young woman! She now has the energy to move on her goals, cut out the bad habits she once felt were necessity, understanding what sacrifice means and not taking daily life for granted. Any type of anxiety and depression have been clearly removed as well.  Thank you for being an instant change for our daughter Lou. I have no clue what we would have done without you coming to the rescue! THANK YOU LOU!!"

    Ben & B. W. - SLC, Utah - November 2013     

"I am sending this testimonial in regard to Attainment's life and career coaching for my son. As a single parent, it is been very hard to connect with him over the years. After losing his mother while in high school, Chris was never very popular with friends and certain groups. I cannot express my appreciation for your time with him these past 4 months. He holds you in such a bright light everyday, which is something no one in our family circle has been able to do. Your continued hard work and teachings are simply wonderful. I am hopeful that other parents with 22 year old children will retain your services and see the amazing results. Thank you so much!"

- John Roberts (For Chris Roberts) - 5/28/11
Orange County, CA

"Helped me take control of my life" - "I always figured that life coaching was some new and odd sales pitch. Coach Lou helped me understand that many successful people use life coaches. Some for business and some for career. Within my personal realm, it was important to make a connection so I could utilize Coach lou and make some real progress. He met with me at my home and went above and beyond the call of coaching. He became a friend and worked hard to make sure information and teaching resonated right to the core. Highly recommend Attainment Life Coaching."

  Ron Lloyd. - Salt Lake City, Utah - 2012

Lou - It amazes me how you are so helpful with so few words. No wonder you are more in demand :)You basically confirmed the process I had in my head but needed validation about it. Again, thank you so so much for all your kind words. Continued success to you!

- T.C. - Wilmington, DE - 2009

"More helpful than you can even begin to imagine" Life Coach Lou saved our marriage and was a godsend for our lives. We kept second guessing ourselves and after many months of counseling with others, we decided that finding a life coach to help work through our lack of efforts and crucial goal lists would be needed. The consultation was great and Lou made time that day in addition to many already scheduled sessions. His god given ability to help others from his experience in marriage with his lovely wife was something we never saw as a focal point for us. Every time I read or hear about a life coach, I just want to shout that they have yet to meet Mr. Lou!

Victoria & Samuel T. - Salt Lake City, Utah - April 2012

"Hi Lou, I wanted to thank you for all of your tough love and ongoing commitment to working with me. When I first emailed you in 2010 I lacked structure and confidence. I could not see any reason how to help myself so I could provide for my family in a genuine way that was honest and true. Even though it took us quite a bit of time, I can say that we have made a major difference. When I looked on Noomi for coaches, you came very highly recommended for those in my situation. Our phone sessions were perfect and the direct service you offered was well used. I appreciate all that you have done for me and the family."

- Joshua C. - Miami, FL - June 2011

"Family Coaching Done With Real Care & Compassion" - "Our experience with Life Coach Lou Depasquale was a pure and joyous one indeed. He has a special way of using an even tone and making sure that his points and coaching come off in a fair/balanced manner. Never once did he push his teachings on us. He customized a large package for each one of the family, including our 2 teens. Even though I am sending in the testimonial, I speak for each person in the Owen tribe when I say THANK YOU! We could not have found a better life coach if we tried a hundred times over. Truly, thank you!" 

  Amanda & Trevor (Rebecca & Tyler - Kids) Owen. - Cottonwood Heights, Utah - 2009


"We invested much time with our daughter. Attainment Coach Lou was as wonderful as could be. She had hard time at college and with her social situations. Her father and I could not be more happy with her skills and knowledge to live a better life."

- Naoto & Ayaka Akita - Kanazawa, Japan - 2011

"An email to express my sincere appreciation for the stellar career and life coaching that you shared. Everytime I pick up a City Weekly paper, I will always reflect on how your article helped me realize that I needed to reach out and get your help."

-D.T.T - Utah

" I will never forget the day that lou changed my life. One of the first things he said to me: Give each goal the proper attention that it deserves, and don't set the bar to high for yourself... That was my true "ah-ha" moment which led to a long lasting partnership with him and attainment. Everyday I know that his philosophy in life is with me wherever I go."

-Erin P. North - Casper, WY - December 2009

"Mark & I want to thank Attainment & Coach Louie for achieving success with our teenage (and tough) son Rick. Attitude counts the most in our house and his was just poor before joining meetings with Louie. Our lives have been changed because we now have a strong precedent set for Rick's younger siblings. He can lead by example and incorporate what he has learned from this fantastic life coaching process and one very neat coach."

Mark & Jan (Rick) SLC, Utah- October 2010

"A close friend gave me a long list of coaches in Utah to call. After making my way through the list and first calling Attainment, I knew there was only one place and person getting a second call back! Mr. Depasquale is amazing. My job was horrid and my kids needed their father back in the game. Attainment and Mr. Depasquale proved time and time again why they are so sought after in the coaching and mentoring field."

Mark A. - Holladay, Utah - November 2011

"Attainment Coaching and Lou DePasquale were kind enough to offer a family discount for me and my husband. We chose the Attainment Promotional and it was the best choice we have made together in a many years. Lou went above and beyond his call of duty and talked us through a TON of issues. Many months later we are entirely different people. We both have gone back to basics and are in a (much needed) happier place in life and work. Thanks again Mr. D."

B.T & J.K.T - Maryland  - 2011

"My overall experience with Attainment was one of exceptional value and fond appreciation. Coach Louie worked well within my capacity and exceeded my expectations. I will be recommending him to everyone I know."
-D. Beth Tomlinson - SLC, Utah - 2011

"Lou, we wanted to thank you for the time and commitment when working with Tim. He truly is our pride and joy and we could not have made progress without your assistance and support. I notice other client notes speak of 24-7 support and superior dedication from you. They (as we) know, this is a heavy understatement. Working with Tim at all hours of the night, weekdays and weekends. I have no idea where you find the time (Ha-Ha). Your Attainment Packages were wonderful. Anyway, Evan and I are so very proud of what Tim has done and your genuine helping hand was instrumental."
With Love,
Evan & Tina (Tim) Meyers
Salt Lake City, Utah

"After 9 full months of the Attainment Packages I can officially pen this testimonial with pure confidence and a clear mind. Our work together for my business and marriage areas showed an exceptional touch to say the least. There was one night in particular in early 2011, in which I called 6 times in the middle of the night. Every time you answered and put the situation at ease for us (Laura). Lou, you are an absolute asset to my entire life. I will never take for granted the family support that I have every day. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

- Kevin & Laura Paule.
Denver, CO

"#1 Family & Teen Coach" - "Lou/Attainment, I wanted to email you on behalf of our family. A big hug and thank you for the hard coaching work that you continue to pursue with every ounce of your being. I have learned in life and business, that not everyone can play on the same field. A unique approach must be taken when a person is in need and cannot keep up with the heard. You invested a great deal of time to solidify a bond with our 5th daughter. We honestly did not think that something like coaching would even fly, but here I am today writing the #1 family and teen coach for a reason. What is that reason? Because this entire family gets to reap the benefits of a person who gives a damn about her life, thanks to a life coach that puts others before business and money. At dinner we are sitting across the table from a person who communicates with us about her day, asks about our day and leaves her phone IN her room. She hangs with friend, kicks butt at school and does not have a negative attitude against the world. You promised and delivered every step of the way Lou, and we cannot say thank you enough. Our love, Andrea & Family. "

- Andrea RE. Murray, Utah 2012 

"Lou, thank you so much for spending those three weeks talking to my business partners and I regarding our real estate and tax business. Your insight provided really came from somewhere that speaks business experience and market understanding."
-David Riene - SLC, Utah - 2011

I actually saw an ad for a life and business coach locally, and had a nice laugh to myself. That night I decided to go home and seacrh online for one that might be actually a fit for me. You were at the top of the list. If you recall our consultation was at 4am my time and 2 am your time! Now 2 months later and happy I made the call and the friendship". Best, Layton.

- Layton Harper - NYC, NY 

"Attainment was able to help my bakery with business direction and ideas that I had no clue about. Louis shared many stories of marketing, management, employee training in the restaurant business and how proper techniques are used. My bakery is a family business and his background and experience stems from family business coaching."

- SD - Alabama

"You came up 1st in Utah Yahoo listings and had the best ratings & stars. I knew from our first text that you were the right life coach for me. Thanks again for sharing your life and family stories with me. The topics of your dad are most inspiring and how you have climbed the ladder of success at such a young age."

- Vance J. Kunderson - Orem, UT

"Richard had a very pleasant experience with you. Every evening he sits down and goes over his goal list for the completed day and prepares for the next day. He has never been so motivated in his life! Your teachings have really showed him how to live a better life."

-Cindy Holmes - Idaho

"Dear Lou, thank you for all of your personal marriage tips, advice, support and options for Melissa and I. So many blocks that were right in front of us for all these years have now been removed, thanks to you. Our time and money invested was nothing compared to your support in all hours of the night!"

- James & Melissa - West Jordan, Utah

"Attainment was money well spent! Completed their Elevation Package and VERY happy with the results. Sessions were educational and fun. Lou has a sparkling sense of humor and shares stories from his background and travels. He also has a perfect connection with all ages and handy tips for every daily life situation. Very cool."

Orem, Utah

"We first came across Attainment from my sister/husband and them working with their son. Our son was having so much trouble in college and in his social life, and a change was needed fast. Mr. Depasquale spent multiple hours in one day just sitting down and speaking with our son. After we received the news that he was excited to continue, we were thrilled! Being so far away from him, our son felt on his own. But when he knew that the support was there, it was evident what was lacking. Thank you again for just being you Lou!"
- Sal & Brianna Magglio - Baton Rouge, LA 

"Thanks man. Your coaching really put my butt into gear. The college life is going well, as I have just finished my 3rd semester. My parents were nearly in tears when they saw my grades to this point. Always know that my family and I truly appreciate your support and heart through this life transition. We still need to go see a Lightning game when you come this way for work!"

-Tyler B. - Tampa, FL 2010

"I wanted to give my sincerest thank you to Mr. Louis Depasquale for his time, caring and support to my business and life topics. After the six meetings over telephone I was able to get very useful information of what I needed to change. Teaching me new strategies for my business and personal life have turned out to be strengths I never would have found within myself."

- Mr. Brandon A. Keet
 Gauteng, South Africa - 2011 

"Lou spent many months with our 23 year old son David and his life coaching could not have been more effective for David's life direction and motivation. He offered David his cell phone so he could contact him anytime when needed throughout the process. He is now enrolled at the University of Minnesota and going strong with his new life skills. Lou is worth his weight in gold."

- Jennifer & Greg Dawson St. Paul, MN

"Lou has a tenacious work ethic mixed with a very commendable track record that purely shines in all of his sessions. An A+ in all aspects of life and business management."

- Trent Vinelli - Tacoma, WA

"If you are like me and struggle with daily organization, accountability, follow through and time management, then call Lou! He worked so hard to keep me on track and attain progress on each of the above. I felt my system in place did okay, but once I met Lou his blew me out of the water. This is why I paid him! LOL."

Melissa M. - Salt Lake City, Utah 

"I was very surprised that Attainment Coaching was able to support clients on an international platform so easily. I lived in America most of my life, but was transferred to Tokyo for my work in finance consulting. I found Attainment Coaching as a referral from my cousin in the states. He explained that his life/business coach has experience with the Japanese community by way of his former business interactions. I used a few phone sessions but mainly the e-coaching package for many months. Louis was on the spot with his responses and advice. It was a breath of fresh air to connect with someone as driven as myself in a personal and professional light."

-Anthony I. Edwards. - Tokyo, Japan (Formerly Madison, WI)

"Thank you Lou for all that you have done with Pat. Your Attainment Package was essential on many levels! We have noticed a drastic change in his behavior and attitude. If you had not stepped into his life when you did, nothing would have changed. If you are ever in the Detroit area, please stop by and say hello. Samantha and I would love to personally thank the man who changed our sons life forever."

-Ron & Samantha Klein - Detroit, MI - 2009 

"Completed the platinum package with Attainment, and feel better than ever. At 31 years old I have finally told myself that there is so much opportunity out there and goals to be set and surpassed. Lou D. was a true mentor every step of the way. I was hesitant to actually do life and career coaching of any sort, but with him I would never be this far on my journey!"

-R.W. - Lake Oswego, OR 2011

"Each goal that I set on my list, I am now able to say it has been attained and then some. I will be telling family and co-workers about your services Lou and they can see firsthand just how great of a life coach you are!"

-S. Thatcher
St. Louis, MO

"I really appreciate all the help and support you have given me in your e-mails, my budget planning, and updating my resume.  Thanks again so much for everything you have done for me, and I will be in touch :)"

- S.O. - SLC, Utah 2009

"Big Lou! Our sessions were terrific. I can see why you are on the news and different cultures are able to benefit from your coaching. Your diversity to subjects helped my wife take some accountability for her own actions well, and make a life changing attitude."

- Kenneth Landry 
 San Antonio, TX  

"I love your saying of "Part-Time work, gets Part-Time results."  When I was looking on Google for coaches, nearly 8/10 were part time or incurred an outrageous fee. Plus your company offered direct access to your cell phone late at night if I needed. You can't even call major companies within the USA beyond 10:00pm."
- Connie Peterson-Bleaker
  Coral Gables, FL  

"Working with Lou was a critical piece in getting my life in gear. I excessively shopped around for other life coaches, but either their pricing was too high or they seemed inexperienced and cookie cutter. Lou's experience and insight was something that I truly needed in my personal relationships and career. He is very energetic and personable, so relating to him was easy through my love of sports and music. I sincerely appreciate all that he has done, and continues to do."

- D.K. - Atlanta, GA - Jan 14th 2010

"Being of the LDS faith, I did not know if Lou could accommodate my needs.... Boy was I wrong. He went above and beyond to connect with me by balancing my daily life and keeping everything close to heart. My strong religious standards and outlook on life were perfectly intact with Lou." 

-Frank Beck - Bountiful, UT April 2010

"Dear Lou, Thank you so much for your determination and guidance with Nick. The bond that has developed between you and he, is one that will last forever. As parents, many times we are not able to make the connection like someone with your experience and techniques. We just want you to know that we are eternally grateful for someone like you and your services."
- Q & J - San Diego, CA 

"Attainment worked successfully to help me balance work, life and of course, exercise. I have been so lazy over the years, as I gained 15 pounds and felt like coming home from work and doing nothing. Coach DePasquale's insight captured the true meaning of motivation and accountability. This lead to me being more prepared and more effective within ALL areas of my life. I want to thank you Coach DePasquale, because you really moved a mountain within my life."

-H.J. Baker - Chesapeake, VA - 2009

"Your pricing was affordable and well worth every dollar. Your service was whenever we needed you. Your personal touch was genuine and your life coaching skills were that of a college professor!"

Santa Rosa, CA

"Finding Attainment on KSL Utah was the reality that I needed. My lowpoints with finances and career were about to break me. The techniques that Louis used assisted me in making a change. Knowing that I cannot afford to live beyond my means and that I could find a job that made me happy, and more money finally occured to me through Lou's coaching."

- Dennis - Orem, UT March 2012 

"Great job Lou. We cannot thank you enough for working with our corporate team and staff in all areas. Your teachings of teamwork and motivation have been simply groundbreaking to us all."

- Peter A. Jensen - SLC, Utah

"Wonderful sessions Lou, thank you very much. The package you selected was superb and taught me to work diligently at our process."
-Ellen W. 
University of Clemson 09'

"Lou's impeccable reputation definitely preceded him when coaching with me. I was floored with his attention to detail and his follow through 24/7. Skype Sessions, Phone Sessions and meeting me in person when I was in Utah with my family for the weekend! A solid and trustworthy coach that stands behind his every word."
-Aaron C. Brooks - Las Vegas, NV 2011

"I was very picky when seeking out a life, relationship and business coach. Then I met Mr. Depasquale. His pricing was more than fair and he essentially saved my marriage, family and carpeting business with his experience and teachings. Every step of the way he was in touch with my situation and continually had exceptional ideas for each session. Our meetings were done here in Sandy, Utah so it was an easy commute for me each time. He also performed sessions 24-7 and by phone so that made it so much easier for evening time and my schedule. I cannot say enough great things about Mr. Depasquale and his company Attainment. I am continuing once per week tune up sessions, but I will never forget what he has done for me and my life."

- M.D. - Sandy, Utah

"Reluctant at first, then excited and now doing great. Thank you does not express the gratitude for the early mornings that you invested into bettering me. The four months I invested back into attainment was perfect. In person would have been cool, but telephone worked without a problem. Thank you again!"

Evanston, WY

"Seeking out a business coach via phone for our mom and pop company was not easy. We needed a coach that would be flexible to our schedule on weekends, and could deal with multiple corporate minds. Mr. Depasquale was the perfect fit. He donated much of his time to see if he was our guy, before getting a package from his company. Even though we are still working with him, the time vested has already paid off for the company direction and employees."
- Debra R. - Phoenix, AZ October 2010 

"I lost my mother last year and  never thought that life would be the same. I first came across an interview that featured lou depasquale talking about the loss of his father and how he effectively worked through the pain and heartache. If lou had not spent those lonely days with me on the phone, my life would be in a completely negative direction. I can now say that the spirit of my mother is carried in a much different light. May god bless you and your future endeavors lou!!"

-Ann J. Billingsley
Deerfield Beach, FL- August 2011

 "Hey Lou, I was able to land the job at Southwest, and just wanted to thank you for the help. Our coaching time together was in fact educational and fun! I will send friends and family your way!"

- Jonathan Booker
Las Vegas, NV   

"Louie" was the missing piece to our small business puzzle. His franchise experience and war stories were exactly what we needed to build our brand and give our staff the reality coaching that was lacking. His willingness to work around the clock and answer his cell phone on even a Sunday to problem shoot, was a breath of fresh air for Carl and I. As franchisees, it was scary enough to build a business in rough times. But with his help and support, our business is moving forward with a very bright future." 

-Toni & Carl Wright - California June 2010

"You have done it again! I started out with only a few sessions last month and now happily enjoying the Attainment package!  The advice and support have been a major headliner for my needs. Phone sessions during the week and in person on Saturday. I could not find this at other coaching facilities, and believe me, I tried. 

-Darrin Oliver - Sugarhouse, UT

"Thank you to lou for his time and efforts to better me and my family. The relationships that has grown in my family and at my work has been most important to me and them. Thank you for the ideas and friendship while we worked together."

-Aarto Ojala - Helsinki, Finland 2010

"As a 44 year old woman who was in desperate need of some coaching and structure, it seemed nothing within the world of self improvement could get me to the top of my game. A constant balancing act of 4 children, a working husband (we both work) and the up's and downs within the day. My only hope was to find someone or something to help push me outside of my comfort zone. For too long I have swept my goals and agenda under the rug. Next week, or down the road I will get to it. Not anymore. So I did an internet blitz and narrowed my search to 3 coaches. One was a female around my age, but she lived in Park City and was too far away. She also seemed to not be on the same page as a working mother "spinning plates" like me. The next was a young gal in Salt Lake City. Way too inexperienced and choppy for my liking. She dealt more with young people and their troubles, which had no basis for me at 44 y/o. After two strikes with the women, I decided to try a man and see if that would be a better fit. I found Coach Lou D! The master coach from SLC. I emailed him and scheduled a phone consult to see if this would even work for me. WOW! He spent 90 minutes trying to help with free advice and aide in my search of the proper life coach. Even if it was not going to be him! After waiting a few days to decide, I did more research, just to be 100%. Nothing even close to attainment coaching. I called Lou and we pinned down a coaching package right then and there. The coaching package covered 6 months and included face to face and some phone. Some sessions were three times a week at first, and then we moved into weekly meetings. His honesty and support moved me from session one. Being non-family, his point of view was everything I needed. We worked on a daily plan, accountability, sacrifice (a big one for me) and discipline. Another huge one for me. Day by day I could see more clearly. I was building momentum and learning to stand of my own two feet. My husband became more supportive and understanding of my role as the main care giver of the 4 kids. As we kept going, I just kept getting stronger. At one point toward the end, we did a week straight of daily morning phone meetings. Lou was amazing with his flexibility and coaching customer service. Always friendly and genuine, with only looking to get me to the next level. As we neared the end of our package, I felt ready to go on my own! My confidence was strong and my focal points (above) were right on target. I do plan on using Lou down the road to keep me on track and finely tuned. Looking back, I am glad that I chose a male coach over a female coach. At first I thought a friendly face would be the selling point. But as I hired Lou and went along, it was apparent that a coach from the other sex would be a better fit. Anyway, thank you to Lou and his rare possession of coaching powers. Nothing has ever been more of a driving force within my life, then your life coaching."

-Judith G.A. - SLC, Utah 2010

"My wife and I could not seem to get on the same page with our finances. Savings, debt and our credit cards were really out of tune. Lou used many tactics from his own personal financial accomplishments and helped us figure out a plan. It all seemed to make sense once we fully understood the common ground of working together for our financial goals."

- Allan P. - Pittsburgh, PA

"My partner and I were finding it difficult to retain life coaching services that were GLBT friendly. When we contacted Lou, he responded within 10 minutes that he had many clients from the GLBT community. Upon completion of a consultation we were hooked. Spending over three solid months with Lou was a fantastic decision. Even to this day, we still have bi-weekly sessions to stay on course in our relationship and life goal areas. Lou rocks!" 

-J & S - Salt Lake City, UT September 2010

"Thanks for all of the time well spent on my "restructuring of life." Once I got over my hesitation and could tell just how passionate your are about teaching and coaching, I could see the forest through the trees."

Youngstown, OH

"Louis, Just sending a  thank you note for all of the long hours talking to our team. The fundamentals that you teach seem to be a lost art for many. In tough economic times, we are seeing a tougher workforce when it comes to attitude and self improvement. I can honestly say that we are proud to have you as one of our own."

-W.M.A. - Orem, UT 

"Many thanks to Lou and Attainment for the countless benefits in regards to marriage coaching. Lou was able to fuse personal experience and solid teachings for me and my husband to better ourselves. We are seeing a consistent change and major difference every day."

-Nance - Calgary, AB 2009

"Signed up for multiple relationship coaching sessions with Lou in July of 2010. The result to this day has been phenomenal. I now approach my relationships in dating and family in a much different perspective."

-Branton  - Denver, CO

"Noo-mi  Coaching Company emailed me with so many choices for life coaches. But when I talked to you it was an instant connection. Thank you for spending the time (and listening to me ramble) about life and the pitfalls of  my previous choices. I am on a new path to freedom and I am so content."

-Jill W. - Tallahassee, FL 2010 

"I would like to personally thank Mr. DePasquale for taking the time to speak with my fellow SLCC students in preparation for our business management final project. Taking time out of his schedule to provide knowledge in the business atmosphere was very inspirational and motivational for the group."

-Kim Jacobsen - Murray, Utah - November 2011

"Sessions with you these past few months have been so effective you will never know. My confidence and self worth have become apart of my everyday thinking, and everyone around me can see the change."

-Brady R. - Puget Sound, WA

"What a difference 6 months can make! Looking at just how far I have come in my overall life progress is staggering. Many big thanks to Louis for his hard work and late night emails for that extra boost of confidence."

-Gene R. D. - Asheville, NC

"Pleased on all accounts indeed. Attainment came through in my time of need with my family and job. I very rarely write testimonials, but in this case a few words can go a long way so others can learn from my experiences. Our consultation was free and helpful. It created as they put it "a clear road map" for what was ahead. My Life Coach (Louis) was detailed and extremely organized. When I felt that something was unclear he took the time to slow down and walk with me through the process of each point. Our plan together stuck well and motivated me to try harder each day. After the package was up I renewed into another one at a fair discount. Both packages were a great investment into myself which felt good considering I never indulge due to my kids and their needs. Wonderful experience with complete results from a neat and very friendly coach."

- A. Leah M. - Salt Lake City, Utah

"Life Coach Lou was the most efficient, knowledgeable and price worthy person and service that I have yet to come across."

-S.N.R. - Palo Alto, CA 2009

"Lou was able to support and teach from his personal experiences to help me beat my gambling problem. I am now able to walk into any casino and not worry about the need to be apart of something that once had a handle on me and my family. The best six months of my life was working with lou when I was in dire need to beat this. Never thought I could, but now I have."

- S.T. - Sacramento, CA

"Integrity, Passion, Dependable and Charming... Just a few of the many words to describe lou depasquale and his business."

-N.L.B. - New Haven, CT

"Thank you for all the time and supreme effort that you gave when working with my sister Lou. She is a whole new person and is doing very well with the family, her friends and of course in work. I never thought that we would get to this point, but I am simply amazed with the results."

- P.N. - Dallas, TX

"Watched the KUTV interview around the holidays, and knew that I had to call Lou. I was unemployed and could not find an outlet to discuss my problems. Lou really helped me with my resume, social areas, family coaching and love life."
-Kay - Logan, UT

"A teenager who listens to mom and dad.."  "As one of a billion "life long helicopter moms" life is much better than expected. There are 7 kids within the hectic Peterson tribe and the youngest teenager is now a teenager who listens to mom and dad, as opposed to fighting and yelling at us all of the time. Having a third person come in and "coach" her was the best decision I made! (Okay, my husband made the call, but I agreed, LOL.) Anyway, we are blessed and thankful for you Coach DePasquale. If we had any more teens, then they would be enrolled with Attainment in a heartbeat.... Luckily, she was the last Lou." 

       E. Peterson & Family of 9 - Bountiful, Utah - December 2013 

"Business Coaching was something that my company sorely needed but did not know where to turn. Many business coaches and consultants "think" they know you and your business but do not take the necessary time to understand what will work for you. Lou depasquale was everything that he claimed to be. He approached my company with open arms and a constructive mind. His fresh thinking, time management and years spent on the road proved that even though the economy is tough, you can still find real people who get the job done."

- C.G.G. - San Francisco, CA May 2009

"Coach Lou's work with adult children was everything is was said to be. Right out of the gate, Lou spent hours upon hours with Tommy and it exceeded our expectations. I personally figured life coaching was some far off spiritual movement until Attainment and Coach Lou explained everything from head to toe in the free consultation. At first we wanted phone but he mentioned that Skype would give us a face to face feel since Tom was in Utah and we were in Florida. Plus, he took the time to meet with us for lunch when we came out to Salt Lake. Just great stuff! Everything with Lou and his coaching company was amazing and I highly suggest his services to all."

-Stephen & Barbara C. H.
Naples, FL

"The past few years of my life have been such a challenge for me. I have worked in a communications job that was unfulfilling and going nowhere. These sessions inspired me to reach higher and look for a managerial position with a new company (which I just received). LD advised me to never limit my potential and stay in the game. His passion for life coaching motivated me to strive harder for myself."

- Chris Benson - Syracuse, NY
"I found Attainment on Noomi in April of this year. I actually completed 12 telephone sessions and was very happy with lou's advice and guidance for my marriage plus career. The pricing was a perfect fit for my budget and the session times were very flexible on the weekends." 

- LCA -  Tampa, FL

"A Coach That Came To Our Rescue"  "Lou, If you had not come along and rescued our family from another day of negativity, I don't know what I would have done (LOL). Todd searched endlessly for a life coach that could fit our family and he struck gold with you. I kept faith you could move a mountain quickly, but was impressed early on when you swiftly assessed the main areas of our problems. We could not even identify where to start but we knew something was wrong! You took care of business Lou and were worth every cent. I am sure you get this all of the time, but we are thankful and GRATEFUL for just your presence within our household. Let along your coaching and programs."

Andrea & Todd - SLC, Utah - November 2011

"I cannot believe how effective your coaching was Lou! I figured that we would do a weekly session and some basic tips would be provided to help out. I was wrong in a GREAT way! Side by side, twice per week via phone and late at night when I needed to talk while in a pickle. You are a star Lou and I greatly appreciate your exceptional life coaching programs!"

-B.B. - Communications Director. Salt Lake City, UT - 2010

"Just a note from a very happy father, thanking you for the essential changes in which we are seeing in our son. Your hard work and dedication has been a major turning point in his life and ours as well. Lou, without you this would not be possible. 3 years with him, but the investment was 110% worth it Thank you!!!"

- Gordon - Toronto, ON

"Received an email response today and was offered the VP position! Our planning and execution really paid off. Thank you so much lou, could not have survived this ordeal without your help and confidence!"

- H.D. Bakersfield, CA

"I used Lou & Attainment for the Career Recovery Coaching and it worked out well for my resume. I was able to send over my resume in the early afternoon and it came back polished and sharp by later that evening. It was nice to also get some perspective on interviewing skills that I deeply needed."

- LL - Seattle, WA

" Hey Lou, Just wanted to say thank you for always being there for my life adventures. Knowing that I can call you around the clock just for some quick advice, is something that not even my friends and family can do. I look forward to our time together and you knowing how beneficial and much needed you really are."

- Nathan - Las Vegas, NV 2010

 "Just when I thought I was going to be able to breathe, I found myself gasping for air.

I had recently finished navigating through a minefield of personal and business changes. It had been difficult and time-consuming, but I had survived it and was looking forward to enjoying some downtime as a reward. But instead of experiencing the lovely sort of downtime that accompanies a summer break, I found myself awash in a downturn of negative emotions.

I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't leave my bedroom for more than five minutes without panicking. It took several hours to beat myself out of bed every morning. My stomach seized up when I thought about going into my office, so I took care of business essentials from my iPad. I went blank when I opened the refrigerator to look for something to eat. I lost the desire to put on makeup. I gained weight. When a family member came into the room to check on me, I stared back at them, unable to decide what to say to them about what was wrong with me.

But then, one day (about the time I ran out of clean pajamas), I decided that I had to do something drastic to help myself. After a few stops and starts, I ended up hiring a life coach - a perky man named Lou - to help me locate the trees in my forest.

"I think I need someone who doesn't need (or want) something from me to hold me accountable, Lou," I said. "I've got to get back to my office. A whole lot of people will be hurt if I can't pull myself back together. Don't let me get away with whining."

"I can do that," Lou promised in his reply email.

Lou must have the ability to tell whoppers when they are required, because instead of talking me through some strict-business-owner-needs-to-get-out-of-their-reclining-chair-and-back-to-the-computer routine, he started the process of figuring out how to help me by making me whine about absolutely everything in my life. He poked. He prodded. He questioned. He quizzed.

Eventually, Lou located the truth, and the truth was this: I felt responsible for the world, and the world is a mighty heavy object. In the process of trying to hold up the world, I had dropped myself.

Lou refused to let me talk about the business. Whenever I tried to discuss it - the worries I had about the world, the economy, the people, and the frustration I felt about being so resistant to enter my office - Lou redirected the conversation. "We'll worry about that later," he'd say. "Right now, we are going to help you sort yourself out. Right now, we are focused on what you want your family to be like. Right now, we are going to focus on making your personal life feel better. Take some time for yourself. Goof off.... Now tell me about those kids of yours again...."

There was something about Lou giving me permission to do what my subconscious felt was reckless behavior. And there was something about him requiring that I explain to him over and over again what it is like to have a houseful of adults underfoot that altered my patterns.

I started going to the gym in middle of the workday. I started planning meals, shopping for healthy food and cooking because I wanted something good to eat. I took entire Saturdays off. I stopped carrying my cell phone with me 24/7.I became picky about the TV I watched. I read more books. Instead of parking myself in front of the television while eating dinner, I started to gather my family so that we could enjoy talking through the day.

I began talking to my husband about my feelings, explaining to him how he could help me deal with the stress. I had some very frank discussions with my adult children about how much money it costs to maintain such a large household, complete with visual aids.

I played with my grandbaby for hours, wanting to soak up every minute of her baby-life while it exists. I watched news programs in the middle of the day. I took my daughter to lunch. Basically, I goofed off and did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to do it.

But then, a funny thing happened in the middle of my goofing off. One Saturday, I unexpectedly found myself sitting at my desk, scrapping a name button for my Scrap Girls signature, just because I wanted to have a little fun.

I looked up and sort of gasped. I was in my office. I wasn't suffering. I wasn't sweating. I wasn't panicking.

I was having fun - and I wanted to be there.

That was the point when I knew everything was going to be okay... and it is. It really is.

Thanks, Lou. You're a champ."

- R.P - CEO SG INC - September 2011

 "Lou responded to a post of mine on Yahoo Answers, while I was at such a low-point in life. I instantly contacted him to utilize his experience for myself. At only 28 years old and being a full time student on my own, he was able to relate to me in so many ways. I chose the 12 session package (I think) and cannot fully explain how beneficial each one was. I fully recommend lou for his hard work and commitment to his teachings."

-M.K. - Austin, TX - January 2011

"Lou advised me that I was the first person to 100% complete the new "Inspiration Program" Package with Attainment. Six months later I am as changed as I ever could have hoped. Let me note that Mr. DePasquale is an ace when it comes to support, care, love and  advice. The first three months of the program were focused on helping me come to terms with myself and what direction I actually wanted to go to better myself. Over the ladder three months we focused on getting there and staying consistent every step of the way with my life and career. I personally can attest to Mr. DePasquale, Attainment Coaching and this package if you are looking for change and really commited to the long haul."
- Karen Salazar-White - SLC, Utah

"Thanks for all of the help and support. I know we are still going strong, however I wanted to send this message to keep pledging my commitment to our process. You are one in a million kid, and I have never in my entire life met someone as well rounded as you lou! 

T.T.C. - Orlando, FL- February 2012

Dear Coach Lou, Thank you so very much for your time, teachings and effort with Grady. Once we met you, we knew that you would be a perfect fit for him and us. He would never have made it through college without YOU! His life and relationship skills have greatly improved, in addition to his respect for us, his loving mom and dad. May your amazing skills as a coach bring you nothing but great things in life and profession for years to come... 

Love, Edith & Troy D. - Skokie, IL - January 14th 2012

"Thank you Lou for your amazingly helpful coaching. You have taught me not only the basic fundamentals to rise above life's daily hurdles, but the feeling of attainment every time something tough comes my way."

A. Bergeron - Colorado - March 2012

"I am writing in reference to the excellence I have experienced through my work with Attainment and Louis depasquale. From the initial contact, and continually through our work together, he has maintained a level of perfection, and attention to detail that makes me feel right at home in the circle of coaching."

C. & D. W. - East SLC, Utah - April 2012

My Testimonial for Attainment & Mr. Lou D. - " I met Lou back in 2007 when he was trotting the country training for a very large coffee company, and knew he was a winner right when he came in the door of our shop! There was no doubt in my mind that he would rise to bigger things on his own two feet. He is one of the brightest available life coach's I have come across. He gave me great counsel that has paid off in my personal and professional areas. I have done coaching in the past and it never came close to what I needed. After using his Attauinment Package for a few runs, I am back on track baby!  Thank you Lou!  Love ya Kid!!" 

Anonymous (But  Mr. D will never forget this crazy client :) -  Los Angeles, California - April 3, 2012

"My initial goal was to be stronger in my personal and professional life, so I could be more savvy and on the ball for my clients within the marketing world. Coach Lou went the full length of the football field with our coaching. Even though we mixed phone with in person, you could never tell the difference. Each meeting was powerful and 110% positive. Attainment & Coach Lou are the whole kettle of fish when it comes to down to the #1 life coach. Simply great!"

Sean A. - Murray, Utah May 2012

"Lou, I was able trust your instincts and skills while knowing that you took my initially hesitant thoughts into heavy consideration for a creative touch only Attainment could have provided. You created a coaching transformation that was perfect, while teaching me everything that I needed to know along the way. Thanks, Lou, for everything!"

Michelle S. - Green Bay, WI - May 2012 

"Thanks for the tips and guidance Lou. Even after getting my under-grad degree it had been really hard to find work in my career field. I know it took quite some time for me to get working with you but I am glad that I did the sessions. Happy to be working and enjoying life from a healthy perspective."

   T.J. Hayes Salt Lake City, Utah - May 2012 

"I am so grateful for the hard work and creativity of Lou Depasquale and Attainment Coaching.  He took a very outdated mindset and turned it into a vibrant and useful work of art! I could never have directed him to accomplish the result we achieved.  Mr. Depasquale was efficient, creative and truly understood my needs with little input. Yes he is the best coach out there."

Miranda Clark - Bountiful, Utah May 2012

"Your coaching services and support were the two things in my life that were needed week after week, after week. Much obliged Lou, as I now have a firm grasp on my personal life, career, finances and so much more."

Thomas J. - San Bernardino, CA - June 2012

"Lou's Skype Coaching Was Imperative" - "Coach Lou's resourcefulness, character and intelligence to be on the mark. I found our Skype Business & Life Coaching sessions to be informative and challenging. He pushed me to be better and stronger within my company and throughout my daily home life. Many thanks to him. Keep up the solid work."

Bob R. - Kansas City - 2012

"Thank you Lou for all of your continued help with our little family. 24/7, you have been there and I hope will always be.  Inch by inch, I know times will get better for us."

HJ - Montana - July 2012  

" Standing up to my fear of  failure was something that I just could not get past until I used Attainment Life. Mr. DePasquale was the sole benefactor to my success and I will never lose sight of that. My job demands me to be on my game every day and I now feel much more confident to lead meetings and speak openly to fellow executives on our team and staff members within the company."

Glenn A. McMahon - Washington D.C. - July 1st 2012

"No question in my mind as to why you were voted the #1 coaching company in the state. My time with you was supreme coaching orchestrated perfectly. I heard the attainment package being touted on local radio and I knew it would be a great fit for my needs. I called, you answered direct and we were off to the races Lou. Each session outlined a clear path to the end zone for a touchdown."

     Henry Z. - SLC, Utah - July 2012

"Best of the Best: Coach Lou D. - Lou worked his backside off for my wife and I week after week for nearly a year. He not only preached change, but he backed up every word. We learned how to balance a daily budget with food and as Lou put Mandatory Outgoing. He opened our eyes to why money was going out the door and not into the bank. One year later and we are completely different people. Amazing coach with amazing results."

  Steven & Robin Tate - Bismarck, North Dakota - July 20th 2012

"Please know that your coaching was of extreme value while working with our youngest. We do not know what we would have done without you and it has been a great experience for our entire family. Thanks again Lou."

     Brad & Nat E. - Cottonwood Heights, Utah - August 5th, 2012 

"Worth....every....red....cent...." "After nearly 2 years of phone meetings together, I can say that my life has gone from zero to hero. After a lengthy divorce I had no idea which way to go. I looked aimlessly for a life coach who could fit my needs and personality at age 42. Louis Depasquale and his company was the most notable and recognized in the field. At first I was thinking that our sessions were going to cover a small area of my life and former marriage. But as we started to work in my career and family, we knew we hit pay dirt! Louis has been like a family member who not only supported me in time of need, but the man who took the reigns in my life to actually get something attained. His agenda and programs are second to none!"

 Jess - Dealte E. - Las Vegas, NV - August 16th 2012

"Thank you for helping me see the benefit of such a major life decision. I think I had hit rock bottom the day I called you and realized I needed a neutral person to help figure out the situation I had created and make a change. Your guidance and support has helped me more than you will ever know!"

  N.C.S. - Fruit Heights, UT - August 29th 2012

"Lou, We appreciate your hard work with Bud and truly believe the program was a valuable tool. The past couple years have been exceptional around the clock. Thank you for the time and effort with his flight school progress as well."

 Terry & Patty O. - Maryland - August 2012

"A fantastic opportunity while I was searching Google one night...."  "Coach Lou popped up at the very top of a coach search list with awesome reviews and fair pricing. I recently finished 4 months with attainment and lou. Nothing but excellent words here for those on the fence about his coaching and company. Being out of state we had to do phone sessions, but after the first couple I felt very comfortable. Our meetings/sessions were strategic and well planned by coach lou. He made a clear argument about my life and career and how it needed more that a fine tune up. He outlined a plan with me and helped me see it through week after week. Great things going on here."

  Claire A. Humphrey - San Diego, CA - September 2012

"PRO's - Excellent communicator, precise coaching techniques, flexible sessions, great pricing, helped me achieve my objectives within a fair timeframe. CONS: Coach Lou helped me and there is nothing left for us to cover...""

 - J.A.E - SLC, Utah September 2012

"A well deserved and hardy thank you to YOU Mr. DePasquale! Our daughter went from being involved with a horrible crowd and loafing around the house, to a real woman of accomplishment and structure. Dylan and I were most impressed with your work ethic and positive tone to keep her engaged throughout the process. We believe what we read and can tell why you are the best ranked Utah Life Coach. Our sincerest thanks and blessings to you Coach."

Dylan & Shauna SLC, Utah- September 2012

"You Nailed It Coach Lou" - "On top of everything from day one, Coach Lou was outstanding. His coaching workshop sessions came across like they were custom made just for me. Lou outlined that if you listen to what he is saying and how it can be used in my daily life was inspiring and motivational. For most of my life I have been blinded by outside opinions and the emphasis of not going anywhere. My family offered little support and like Coach Lou I have been through tough times in life. My new job allows me to meet new people and put my newfound skills to the test."

 Brett C. - West Jordan, Utah - October 7th 2012

"My wife was not as on board at first to this process like I was. We (Basically I) were looking for a coach as opposed to a counselor because we felt that we needed more direction and work towards our goals. I found Attainment Coaching through Google and a company called Noomi, where they were clearly the most highly recommended. Coach Lou Depasquale quickly work hard to form a game plan for my wife and I. He mentioned we need to also make an agenda together and on an individual basis. Each week he made sure that we were accountable to the tee. If we dropped the ball on a topic or issue, then we were responsible. We are not used to having anyone tell us what to do, but kept an open mind because it started working. The personal side was the point that hit home for us. He pulled from his personal experiences with his wife and how they have kept evolving for such a long time. My wife (Tracey) was adamant about staying with Attainment/Lou for the long term. We did and now the dividends have paid off in full. Thank you Lou."

  -David & Tracey - Ogden,Utah - October 2012

"Impressive on so many levels. Took the leap with a higher package and it paid off. Lou is like your own personal Zen Master. His analogies and talks of growth, quickly come into play for your life because these are things he utilizes within his own personal and business life. Helped me get off my butt and into gear."

   C. Q. J - Salt Lake City, Utah - October 2012

"Life Coach Lou Changed Our Teen For The Best" - "Dear Lou, Thank you for the life coaching provided to help Barrett. You have changed him for the best and he now knows where his priorities lie. I honestly did not think this would have a positive impact, due to teens nowadays just not connecting to something like life coaching. I am humbled to see that I was wrong and our son is on track to be amazing in high school and beyond. Thanks to you. "

 Elisha & Roger Carrell. - South  Jordan, Utah - October 20th 2012

"My man Louie DeePassquallee lived right up to the best coach out there. Found him through Twitter while I was a follower of a self help group and an ad for him popped up. We did 4 months worth of phone and Skype sessions thanks to a custom package Louie made for me. Daily budget, my career and family were focus points. The two hour time difference did not even phase him, as I needed different times. He changed my life is all I can say."  

  - Jonathan T. Craysono - NYC, NY - October 21st 2012

"Hey Lou, You've made a big impact on both our lives within the last 3 months and we have made some really good progress in many areas personally and professionally. We thank you very much for your help." 

  - M.C. & T.C. - Riverton, UT - November 2012

"Supporting local business is important to us, so when we came across Attainment Life Coaching we were instantly hooked. Our time spent within the coaching realm, became a quick staple in our lives. Our background is married with 4 kids. So we wanted to focus on time management, stress management and accountability as parents. The teachings were fabulous. The coaching itself from Mr. Depasquale was wonderful and in depth. Mr. Depasquale is very serious about his coaching craft and does not disappoint his clients. We found that by holding us accountable throughout the week, Mr. Depasquale was able to bring us together in a faster sense. Many thank you's to Attainment and Mr. Depasquale for another reason to keep supporting local stars."

      Barb & Thomas - Provo, Utah - November 2012

"Lou, Thank you for your help with our son. Your mother would be very proud of your hard work and chosen career path. Your help to others is an important service for those around you and we wish you nothing but continued success with Attainment. 

   - L. Davis - Salt Lake City, UT - December 2012

"Dear Lou, By far the greatest gift we will receive this year is the kind and heartfelt service you have given to our son. Thank you for your wonderful and continued service, and the sacrifices you and your wife have made for you to choose this as your life's mission. God Bless. - Buddy & Sandee

 - Buddy & Sandee S. - Longwood, FL - December 2012

"I have known Lou for over 20 years both personally and professionally. He has an incredible ability to help diagnose and give attention to areas that any person or entity might be seeking improvement with. The thing that makes Lou stand out among his peers is his genuine concern and engaged focus with anyone he talks to. I don't know many people who listen better than Lou does."

    -Kevan Joel Anderson - President & CEO - ExecUwin- Orem, Utah - Jan 2013

"Hi Lou, I cannot thank you enough for the obvious time and energy you out into your work. As you know, I have been near my rope's end with my son. We have had a looooong and frustrating experience these past few years, in addition to several years of drama overall. He is a very difficult personality. Still he is my son. He SO needed someone like you. A strong work ethic, impressive common sense and character. Thank you for your gentle approach with him."

 - M.E. - Chicago, IL - January 24th 2013

" Just a letter to say thank you Lou, for all of your coaching and support while I started out in college. My mom and dad were pretty clear with getting a life coach and at first I though it would be a major waste of time. But working with you put things into perspective and I quickly gained a new friend and advisor. The coaching was helpful and your approach helped me get things done in an orderly fashion. Thank you again. All of my best. - Tommy"

-Tom G.E. - U of U College - From Orlando, FL - February 2013

"The custom package fit well and the Skype sessions were nice. The length of each session helped me because of my family and work schedule. Coaching was something I felt was odd for some time but knew after looking into it that the process would be perfect for those who really care to try. During the process I had moments of maybe giving up, but lou helped me take the high road. Good stuff and this place and lou the owner was very friendly, funny and highly animated, which really helped with many topics."

 - John P. - Anaheim, CA - February 10th 2013

"Coach Lou, Never in my life have I experienced such a hands on process like you life and career coaching. My performance was "shot to hell" and I needed to make a drastic change. Coaching seemed like such a far fetched idea at first. However, I quickly emailed you directly to work on a realistic game plan to move things along. You pushed me harder and harder and it was all for the big picture."

  -A. D. B - Davis County, Utah - 2013

"Lou worked hard to make sure I felt right at home with life coaching. From what I had heard, life coaching was a  deep cleansing soul experience, which was the opposite of what I was looking for. The attainment program was nearly 600 minutes of in person and phone sessions. A perfect fit for my needs and schedule. As a fellow "night owl" Lou proved that it did not matter what time we worked. The 11pm meetings over the phone were superior. I read some other writings before sending in my testimonial and want to let Lou know just how much he is needed and appreciated in the coaching world. Just a wonderful and helpful experience all around."

- A.L.T. - Bountiful, Utah - March 3rd 2013

"We greatly appreciate your attention to detail Lou. We dreamed of one day having the tools to weather any storm within our marriage, further setting a great example for our kids and family. YOU helped us accomplish this dream with your passionate life coaching. We thank you deeply and will continue to use your coaching as a daily reminder within our marriage and life."

Chris/Mandy Bennight - Henderson, NV - March 2013 

"Coach Lou proved to be a reliable solution to my business headaches. Training staff and achieving strong customer service can be an extremely tough tightrope. He took the time to strip down our training manual and re-write the content to better serve not only our staff, but our customers as well. I also appreciated him getting strong feedback from me and everyone involved. It takes each person no matter their position within a company, to have positive input that is effective and long lasting."

Richard E. SLC, Utah- March 2013

"Emailed Attainment Life Coaching because I was having a large amount of problems with my current life coach. This person was extremely un-attentive and had a full time job that clearly took away from me and her other clients. One day I reached my boiling point while seeing a KSL Ad for Attainment and their 24-7 sessions. I emailed Coach Lou and told him my current predicament. He went above and heavily discounted my package because I had already prepaid for the other disastrous life coach, with no refund. From that moment my work with COach Lou was perfect. He TOOK the time to understand my needs and goals, while assembling a custom plan for me. Thank you to Lou & Attainment for doing such a great job in tough circumstances."

  - S.J.I. - Provo, Utah - March 2013

"Was worried at first because of location even within the State of Utah. Sessions through Skype and Phone (Mix) turned out to be just a good as in person. I used the Attainment package 2 and was amazed. Tons of time, flexible meetings, schedule, routine and timing was always around getting my kids from school and their activities."

 S.E. St. George, Utah - March 2013

"Thanks to Lou and his fantastic coaching, I am now at the peak of potential. Sessions were powerful and enlightening, but I must say that his coaching delivery and points of view were amazingly helpful." 

- Robert G. - Austin, Texas - April 7th 2013

 "Smart coaching and reliable client service at all stages. Lou has a strong approach to his coaching and knows his game in and out. He was efficient and on top of all sessions without seeming like he was doing this day after day and time after time, which by my research seems to could have easily been, given the years of his practice. Authentic and helpful with my career and start up business on the side, which lead to the next level."

  - Stuart R. - Oklahoma City, OK - April 11th 2013

"MOVE CLOSER WILL YOU!  :-)  - Phone/Internet sessions worked out great, but why not move back to the east coast and closer to your Italian roots Mr. DEPASQUALE? Learned a great deal and appreciate your time and effort towards the life coaching. Job is looking much better and the balance with everyone is as well. You were always batting 1000 with our talks and pinpointing the problems and issues at hand. Life Coaching is kind of hot and cold thing back here, but the more people knew about Coach Lou and his magic potion, the more they would hop on board immediately. Thanks again Coach."

   W.Monroe - Rochester, NY - April 20th 2013

"Excellent Coach For Our Son" - "Our son had been home from his mission (LDS) for nearly a year. No real goals and no more ambition after spending 2 years knocking on doors serving his church. We had a family friend who used a life coach and had raving reviews from their return missionary son. Coach Lou met with us in person at no charge and met our son for a free to make sure he would be a great fit. They hit it off immediately through a sports bond and from that point it was a perfect partnership. We are blessed to have such a spectacular coach and friend within Lou. He worked wonders and only made our son stronger. Thank you! Thank You!" 

  B & T Mackey. - Salt Lake City, Utah - April 2013

"Dear Lou, I wanted to thank you for working late nights with me to help get life back on track. I battled  self defeat for many years before I met you. Work, family, friends, exercise and life in general is now viewed with a new pair of eye glasses. As you said, these were things right in front of me that seemed easy to see. But we always tend to want more and look further than we should. I will now try to inspire others with what I have learned from such a magnificent coach and person."

   - James G.L. - Rio Rancho, New Mexico - May 2nd 2013

"Thank you Lou for the last 3 exciting and wonderful years of coaching. I have learned so much from you that I know my life and continual journey will always be something that includes you and Attainment. You are the best coach out there and I appreciate every session and all time spent to help better me personally and professionally. My character is now one of great strength and I know it is all thanks to YOU and YOUR life coaching techniques." 

 - M.J. - Oregon - May 3rd 2013

"Attainment Package 2 was the missing link to my life. Each week was a life lesson in different areas that lacked support and attention on my end. Being in Utah and knowing that I could still do online and phone meetings with attainment worked out well. Thanks again for the coaching. Money was very well spent and the discount was helpful. Mr. Depasquale did a phenomenal job and I will highly recommend him to all." 

 - C.V. Tan. - Salt Lake City, UT - May 6th 2013

"The Great Utah Life Coach Lou! Helen and I would like to sincerely thank you for the life coaching. We found that by working together and sometimes individually with you, that our task management skills improved immensely since taking on the attainment coaching challenge from you. By being upfront, direct and never leaving us out to sea, your coaching continued to push us the right way after years of heading in the wrong. Showing us that life changes have no age or boundary, we could only have seen this through your life coaching lou. Otherwise we would still be blaming the wrong situations and wrong people for OUR actions that only WE could fix. Cheers and blessings Coach Lou." 

- Martin & Helen N. - Salt Lake City, Utah, - May 20th  2013

"One of the first analogies Lou talked about was the freight train. "You have two choices, stay on the tracks or get out of the way." That is actually printed and hanging on my office wall as I write this kind note. I read books and attended Robbins classes as a gift, but just could not connect with self improvement in a way that was positive growth. Lou's approach was build on a foundation that was rock solid. It entailed a game plan, accountability and his making sure you follow through or he is taking action. Cannot recommend his coaching enough to potential self starters. If you do choose someone else, you most likely will be right back to him anyway. Trust me."

  H. K. P - SLC, Utah - May 2013

"Coach Lou Depasquale's methods and experience were nothing short of articulate and effective. He continually reinforced the value of not only myself, but my family work and spiritual beliefs that seemed to get away from me. He was always well organized and there when I contacted him, even on weekends. I would rate my overall coaching and experience nothing short of phenomenal. I also would recommend him to anyone and any company." 

 - T. Phillips - West Valley City, UT - May 22nd 2013

"Career Coaching was the reason I inquired early in January of this year. But after Lou helped me get a new job, I knew that my next step would be balancing my new environment, stress, time management and my well being. Just his emails and texts late at night encouraged me to push each day. My friend emailed me about attainment coaching after she used them a couple years back for the same situation. I am appreciative of Coach Lou's efforts and his experience helping those like me turn a corner in their life."   

 - Ethan R. Provo, Utah - May 29th 2013

"Coach, Mentor, Guide, Savior, Lou. From our weekly phone calls to the homework itself, your program and techniques continued to show me the way. Thank you Lou for everything connected to the coaching process. From start to finish, I am ready to fight and live another day."

 - April S.H. - Salt Lake City, UT- June 2nd 2013

"I felt like all I did was bother Coach Lou all of the time because of my needs. Each time he assured me that he is 24-7 and around for whatever I need. He did not disappoint me and followed through.  My relationships and finances have been wacky for years. My job felt like something that was a grind and never ending battle with headaches each day. Through the partnership with lou I could actually feel that a change was happening. I did coaching in the past with another Salt Lake coach and it was a pure "craptastic" disaster. So apprehension set in at first with coach lou but was quickly dismissed once his character and good nature came into play. Anyway, I am rambling here. Fantastic experience in terms of coaching, service, pricing, hours and techniques."

 - Melissa Harding - Ogden, Utah - June 7th 2013

"Kicked My Butt To Get Me On Track" - "I am happy to report that Coach Lou made a lasting impression with is top notch life coaching. I am the most stubborn in the family, but I met my match this time. When I dropped the ball within our agreed agenda, he made a strong point to text and call me within a couple days to kick my butt into gear and get me back on track. His magic touch came off with just the right amount of "force" and it was right from the heart. Thank you Lou. I am so pleased to be where I am at this very moment!" 

   William F. - Salt Lake City, Utah - June 7th 2013

"I have learned that many times in life you just need someone to push you into motion. If you put some of the negative distractions to the side and focus, change will come. Many of the areas of focus I was told to work on, came at the hands of family and work distractions. I kept such a sharp focus on people and things that had nothing to really do with my success on different levels. Coach L pushed and pushed in the right direction. At first I could and did not want to listen, but as we grew together, he taught me the meaning of a strong work ethic and a better way to tackle my fears, problems and lack of leadership. "

- Howard A. Boise, Idaho - June 8th 2013

"A Life Coach Who Really Cares" - "Mr. DePasquale, I had been looking forward to a person who could actually keep up with my busy schedule and severely unorganized personal life. Seemed hopeless, but you came into my life and made it happen. You are a coach who really cares. I need to make sure I mentioned here that the most informative tool of our coaching, was you teaching me to "chunk" out my day and not overwhelm myself. It led to me preparing for the following day the night before, NOT the day off. Procrastinator no more! Thanks again. Take Care Lou." 

   S.T. Williams. - Salt Lake City, Utah - June 9th  2013

"Dear Lou, My business was floundering and my marriage was in severe disarray. Finding you as a coach online turned out to be life's biggest blessing and miracle for us. Investing into the coaching process went beyond my initial expectations. Strong program and agenda within the packages made me want to keep renewing and continuing which just led to bigger and better results. Lou, you are the top dog and make life coaching an inviting journey." 

- Bradley.D. Gunton -Walla, Walla, WA - June 11th 2013

"Your help and coaching motivated me so much in a short time. It inspired me to move forward and get things done. I will be purchasing more coaching in the near future. Thank you so much for your help and commitment Lou." 

- J.J. -SLC, Utah- June 13th 2013

"Lou, This process has been exactly what I needed. Heavy support in the family and friends department, not to mention getting my career on track. It was SO bad to balance my family and their kids within the workplace, but you helped me figure out a way to get past it. My social network is where it should be, as I am no longer living in my dark cave. LOL. I thank you for the efforts." 

  - R. K. R. -West Valley City, Utah- June 20th 2013

"I've worked with two other coaches in the past few years and Coach Lou was by far #1. It is not everyday you meet a young man who has coached so many people in so many places. His guidance paved the way for me to set clearer boundaries in my professional life. His conveying of principles within life coaching was easy for me to get a strong hold of. His patience to constantly explain already covered topics and points was a relief for someone who does not always get it done right on the first try. A diamond in the rough he is and I urge potential troops to sign up with Coach Lou D. You will not be disappointed and your monetary investment will go a very long way. " 

 - T.R. Alsterson  Bountiful, Utah- June 25th 2013

"I thank you, my wife thanks you and my employer is ecstatic to have me back down to earth. LOL! I fondly look back on when I first called you and left a frantic message. Your response was quick and on the ball with questions and getting me to be open and honest with you and myself. I also looked back on when we first started and it was nearly 2 years ago.!!! WOW! You helped me through some wild times Lou, and I will always carry in my wallet some of your greatest quotes and tips to reflect on. I am in a place where strength is an attribute and hard times will be approached in a manner of extreme self confidence. You will always be my one and only life coach my good man."

       C.T.J. - Salt Lake City, Utah -  July 5th 2013 

"Dear Lou, Many thanks by way of Tuscaloosa. I appreciate the heavy heart and the life coaching to get me out of the slump and performing to the best of my abilities. Since I am writing this for all to see, the Skype coaching sessions were a perfect touch for face to face in addition to you being way out west. Life is good down here and I feel back to full strength. You are an amazing person and pushed me to do nothing short of great things. Thanks again Lou."

       E. B M.- Tuscaloosa, Alabama - July 9th 2013

"Hi Lou, Frank (Or Big Frank as you fondly call him) and I have been waiting so long to send you an amazing testimonial for your site. I actually had a novel type email ready in my head and then could not articulate the words and content for the life of me! So here it goes: My husband and I were just at each other every day and could not find a way to sort through our problems. We tried some counseling in the past and some Anthony Robbins tapes in 2011, but neither did anything for us at all and were a total waste of time and money. So to the internet we went and found a new technique called life coaching. Coach Lou was right at the very top with a " #1" life coach slogan pasted everywhere. I emailed Lou and within hours he responded with an energetic and authentic approach. His idea was to talk with us together and separate so he could "see all angles." This was free and he invested a great deal of time without even worrying about us committing to a package. Well after our consultation and about an hour of questions we decided that Coach Lou was a real fit for us. We did a mix of in person sessions and phone meetings. The phone meetings complimented the in person meetings very well. Lou was also there on weekends and nights which helped around Frank's travel load and my daily obligations around church. Day in and out Lou was the rock for us. He put together a real plan of action and made sure we stayed with it. Over the course of six months we were just soooooo relieved to have him in our lives and teaching us to the full extent of a healthy reiteration. Long story short, Life is GREAT and to this day I can write this testimonial with a positive pen. He taught us to appreciate each other and get back to the real points that define our love and devotion to one another. Coach Lou YOU are one amazing individual. In our hearts and minds you truly are #1 and we know that you will continue to share your ideas, coaching, techniques and life lessons with the world through a unique way that only could be done by one person... You. Please do nothing but continue to beam like the shining light you are! God bless and all our love! - Dee -Dee &  "Big" Frank. 

D & F - SLC, Utah- July 10th 2013  

"As a new mom, wife and always on the go person, I needed some balance and structure in my life. Lou, you helped me to see what was right in front of me the entire time. A loving husband and a wonderful family. I also appreciate our phone meetings even being down the road from you, because trying fit so much into a 24 hour period and then meet in person would not have been an option for me. Everything was effective and honestly....Perfect."

S. Perkins - SLC, Utah - July 2013

"The best money I have ever spent on anything in my entire life! I could not have asked for a better leader and coach than Lou D. He truly is the master of his craft and the best of the best for numerous reasons. He has such a creative passion for what he does every session. He is animated and fun, engaging and just a pure joy to be around. I used his services for 4 months and it was a true transformation unlike anything I have experienced. Between career and marriage I could not get out of the muck. Coach Lou worked with me at all hours of the night and made sure I could always count on his services. True blue until the very last session. He ended by thanking me and telling me how proud he was of my progress and hard work in addition to reaching out if I need. Thank you Lou. Thank you!" 

   - R.T.F - Orem, UT August 1st 2013 

"I was a lonely, overweight 40 year old divorced mother of 2. I truly felt that there was nowhere to go but down or at the very best, stay stagnant where I was. A friend emailed me about Attainment and this phenomenal life coach named Lou in which she used last year. He worked with me in person and through phone meetings, to get me on track and feeling better about myself. He noted that I could not really progress until I felt better about myself and understood the problems getting me down. I needed the will to move forward and succeed and I needed the follow through. Happy to say that I am now confident in myself and other people, on top of a strict daily agenda that Lou designed and help implement. Exercise is a natural role in my life now and things are looking unbelievably better thanks to my coach."

J. E. - SLC, Utah - August 2013

"As a 64 year old, I was very reluctant that life and career coaching would be something that worked for me. I dabbled before in similar areas, but could not get into the process. I decided to go for it and paid a handsome, yet fair fee to Coach Louis. We worked to outline my obstacles and focal points. Louis worked his coaching magic and made a mutual pact to be accountable to the coaching partnership (as he called it). We spent nearly 5 months mixing in person time and phone time. Overall, I would say that his coaching was effective and his communication worked overtime to keep me on task and alert. His coaching paid off not only monetarily, but by making a difference in my life and career."

 S.P.T - SLC, Utah - August 2013

"Thanks for the Skype sessions Lou. They were informative and created advance opportunity for my small company and for my relationships. I was a pain in the butt for so long and for so many around me. It was nice to have the privacy and comfort of Skype meetings from my home computer, even though I am way down south. It worked out very well and I will be sure to be a repeat client once we get into the new year. Blessings Lou." 

  Jordie B. - Athens, Georgia - August 2013

"It takes time and a heck of alot of patience to be a life coach. Lou's coaching was like a finely tuned instrument for me. He approached our meetings with a delicate flavor unlike any kind of profession I have been a part of. Timing is everything and he made sure that a strict daily agenda was essential within our agreed plan. Kept me motivated, humble, gaining solid ground and one happy camper. "

Keri Smith - SLC, Utah - August 2013

" Dear Lou, I wanted to thank you for helping me make a vast amount of progress within my life.  As you know by now, being a COO by day and a single dad by night, the word "balance" does not truly exist. I greatly appreciate your support and work that went above and beyond my expectations personally and even professionally. You helped me learn balance, consistency and accountability. I had a coach in the past but he could never get past first base in terms of our progress together. Thank you for hitting a homerun this time around!  - JW."

 -Jefferson Wallace - Las Vegas, NV - August 12th 2013

"Accomplishment With Our Teenager - WOW! The "Aha" moment we were all looking for came from a life coach, and boy are we happy. Thank you Lou for being the rock in our son's life. He adores you and follows your every lead. School is going great and his ability to come out of his shell with friends is much better. We can see the difference in his mannerisms and the tone in which he uses around the family. It is positive and genuine. The time with you was much needed and we could not be happier. It was a bumpy road but things are completely on track with him. Your leadership qualities and overcoming obstacles within your own life is a true inspiration. All of our best and thank you again."

- Rebecca & Andrew K. - Salt Lake City, UT August 14th 2013 

"Lou's hard work, methodical coaching and consistent dedication helped me achieve not only my goals, but my wife's as well. He was kind enough to let us share some time within one package, as opposed to buying a second one. The key points within the coaching made a huge difference for the both of us." 

 - P.T. Bountiful, Utah - August 2013 

The Life Coaching That Works Wonders - "Great experience from a middle aged woman working hard to head in the right direction. I was so frustrated with my procrastination and not being able to follow through with my task management at work and at home. Coach L's courses and outlines were strong and bold. He kept at me via email, text, phone calls and Skype. A+ for his 24/7 touted schedule and accessibility. When I called, he answered every time. Highly recommend Attainment to anyone as lost as I was. Be willing to work hard and be called out on all of your excuses by Coach Lou. His self discipline and techniques are amazing. It feels great to finally have balance and consistency within life and work. My home office is thanking me for getting organized and cleaned up." 

- L.N. - Cottonwood Heights, UT August 16th 2013 

The BEST Coaching, Amazing Results - "I am thankful for the best life coaching with amazing results that proved to be the true path of enlightenment. It took some time and an unspeakable amount of effort and hard work on my part, but the change came. I spent most of my time in Denver for work but kept my main residence in Utah. Coach Lou was able to take our show "on the road" with Skype meetings, in addition to in person while in SLC. The coaching and techniques were wonderful and in my world, ground breaking. Having my personal life coach to guide and point out the flaws only to make me stronger, was neat within itself. Feels GREAT to be on my own two feet and completely understanding the fundamentals of a healthy daily plan."  

- M.P.W.T. - Salt Lake City,  UT - September 2013 

"Our internet sessions were absolutely critical for me to put one foot in front of the other. I noticed that early on I needed our coaching meetings as a "fix" to keep me going through the day. I quickly noted to myself that this was a healthy fix and that I should be pumped that life was going in a new and exciting direction. Thank you Louis for working with me at all times of the day (and night) to keep me on track and true to our partnership." 

- Peter A.D. Austin, TX - September 8th 2013 

The Time For Change Was Long Overdue- "I remember searching like a crazy man via the internet to find a life and business coach. Within King County I was coming up with bad reviews and coaches who just could not keep pace with the mix of life and small business. Between marriage and business troubles I needed help in multiple areas of my life. I will never ever forget finding Attainment Life on Twitter with a promotional ad. I quickly emailed the company and asked if they could do telephone or some kind of face time meetings. The big cheese himself emailed me back that we could do whatever I wanted. From the consultation I knew this was going to be great. Price = A+ & Coaching = A+. Life Coach Lou D. was willing to commit around my work schedule and on weekends as needed. I did the Attainment Package 1000 anytime minutes and it was stellar. We created a game plan from scratch and put in the effort and time to make any lazy person sweat. I stayed committed (I ventured off for a bit, but Lou brought me back quickly) and made sure to pledge extra time even out of session. We turned a corner about 2 weeks into the process and from there it was no looking back. I appreciate the help and support from Coach Lou, as his time and teachings just kicked my butt into high gear. I will have these skills and attributes for the rest of my life!"

   - H.Q.S. - Seattle, WA - September 10th 2013 

"Lou, I wanted to email you over my sincere appreciation for our life coaching. Even though it feels odd not talking once per week anymore, I am always basking in the glow of your programs, teachings and strong delivery of techniques which only can come from you big man! Our time together was nothing short of a blessing for me and my family. Lou, they were near the end and about to give up until I found you. I wish you continued success within life and business. It is remarkable that you have been able to to sacrifice and teach others in light of losing so many loved ones in your life. I don' know how you do it, but on behalf of myself and the thousands you have coached.... Thank you, Lou."  - J.E.S.

 - Jacob E. S. - Salt Lake City,  UT - September 11th 2013 

"Dear Lou, I am so thankful for your time and consistency invested into my self improvement and well being. College can be a hard road and I looked at the entire process as a scary and pitfall type of affair. After taking the summer to work with you back home in Utah, I am completely confident that this semester will be a strong one. I no longer fear the obstacles within the classroom or within my social network. I really carry close to heart your quotes and teachings, because I know they will come in handy daily. " 

 - Dan R. University of Illinois (SLC Utah) - September 12th 2013 

"Coach Lou Defines Leadership, Character & Excellence! I can easily attest to Coach Lou being the best life coach I have ever come across in my personal life and within my career. My company has gone through coaches for 10 years. While some do well and help those on a custom level for their own needs, others fail miserably on the big scale. Lou defines leadership, character and excellence from the basic forms to going above his call of duty to assure quality. I want to thank Lou for his eagerness, dependability and strong character to get the job done right the first time around."

      -G.T.C. SLC, Utah  September 20th 2013 

"Aloha Lou! I appreciate the coaching all the way over here. I am on track and my husband is understanding the core of our life and children, and that is me!! It took long enough but our work has dawned on him. I feel like a productive and appreciated mama and wife. I nearly filled a notebook with your help and teachings. They will help me as I go along and create a new path that sticks. Mahalo!  - NEC
    -N. E. C. - Honolulu, Hawaii - September 2013

"Lou worked with me to get ahold of some serious issues in my life. I thought working with large groups was the answer, but it turned out that one on one was the trick. I want to thank him for the phone meetings that were a long way from TC to SLC, but we still pulled it off! Even when I was stuck in traffic and in need of Lou's coaching. Life Coaching is a great platform to not only set goals and move on them, but to also gain a friend within a trusting system."
       -D. Paritek - Toronto, Canada - Sept. 2013 

"Hi Lou, I felt the need to email you a more formal thank you note instead of just the text message. You skills and coaching served a sharp reminder for me to stay on task, use my time wisely, study harder, be more proactive and show appreciation and respect to my family for everything I am blessed with in my life. My life had been out of sync for a few years because I expected my parents to always be my net. You help and understanding of my situation led me to reach new heights personally and academically. Thank you Lou!" 

 - Sam A. U of U. - Salt Lake City, Utah, - October 1st  2013

"Attainment Life Coaching was a great fit for my coaching needs. I picked them due to their track record and long history with coaching backgrounds like myself. 42 years old, married with kids and no real direction except what my wife tried to help point out. Master Coach LOU worked with me from start to finish and helped get me past numerous mental obstacles. I thank him for the help and direction that brought me back to life."  

- M. L. Mithcell - Bountiful, Utah  October 2nd  2013

"Skills From A Life Coach That Will Last Forever " - "Those who know the importance of a life coach, understand what it means to find one that is your one and only. One of value that will move mountains to help you achieve the impossible and one that you would never replace or change for anything or anyone. That was my work with Coach Lou D. He implemented teaching and skills that will be be with me forever, personally and professionally. He formally introduced me to self discipline and accountability, and he made them stick! Thanks a million Lou!"

     Ryan K. Salt Lake City, Utah - October 2013

"Lou, My sincerest thank you for the coaching, support and life lessons. Talked the other day with my brother and he mentioned how my sense of humor has returned and my energy + focus is on track. Every single phone call and every single in person session was truly a miracle for me. I have come so far in such a short time, and I owe it to your life and career coaching. Thank you."  

    - B.T.L. -Ogden, Utah  October 17th 2013

"I quickly became amazed with lou's coaching abilities and his internal clock. He pushed and pushed to make sure that I (his client) came before him. As weird as it sounds, that is what it felt like to me. Diligent, punctual & entertaining, his life coaching never failed to keep a keen eye on my areas of need. Lou is loaded with creativity and always has a fair and balanced opinion to help you better a situation. It is designed and well executed, so it always comes across as helpful. - Jason

- Jason Bair - Salt Lake City, UT  November 2013

"Balancing Life & Work" - "LD, I greatly appreciate the coaching platform you provided. You came through on everything promised. I now have a completely different outlook on my life and career. In addition to a solid balance. Since this is a final testimonial on my part, I want potentials to know that Lou ALWAYS answered every call day or night, was flexible with weekly sessions around my schedule. Even on weekends and weekend nights!! His coaching practices come from his creative brain and not copied from some book or show. If you want the real deal life coach, then choose Coach Lou from the very start. Thanks again Lou. You left an everlasting impression on me."

 S.B. - Salt Lake City, Utah - November 2013

"Hi Lou, It was pretty funny that you once mentioned how spousal opinions can vary when it comes to coaching. Paul was reluctant that you could help me (at first) but as you suggested, I brought him into our coaching. Once he started to understand that this not therapy, but a way to strategically organize your life and career, while maximizing potential and attaining goals. So I wanted to thank you for our work together to this point, and making my life around the house much easier and manageable."

R. H - Salt Lake City, Utah - November 2013

"Lou, Thanks for giving me your undivided attention during our sessions. Even though you are 700 miles away, the Skype meetings made it feel as though we were face to face in a board-room. You kicked butt and made me do the same. I am so thankful that I found you and your coaching company could accommodate my needs personally and professionally. Thanks Man. - Tom "

Thomas A. - Phoenix, Arizona - Skype Sessions - December 2013

"Lou - I owe you a so much for the successful life coaching! I never thought I could advance the way I did and it would have never happened without you. Thank you Lou!"

- J.C.F. - Salt Lake City, Utah - December 2013

"I have been thrilled with the coaching results Lou and I cannot thank you enough.  Our talks have balanced my personal and professional agenda with the added bonus of helping my son get to the next level in his life. Appreciate the effort and time invested."

   Ken Cera - Salt Lake City, Utah - December 2013

"Thank you so much for being such a reliable resource within my family and company. It is not easy to understand the daily principles of life, let alone trying to organize what direction to go. I was second guessing myself and my business, but now understand that life is to be taken at one step at a time, no matter who you are or how much is going on personally and professionally. Lou, you immersed yourself into your coaching every single session. It was crucial for me to reciprocate with equal energy. Since you set the tone and went above what was needed, I made sure I at least tried to keep up! LOL. I wish you the best "coach" and thank you again for being my #1 guy!" 

 T. Gene M. - Provo Utah - January 2014 

"The Best Executive Coach"  "Lou, A note to thank you for coming into our world and playing Mr. Clean. We honestly could not have turned this place around without your help. I ended up having a group meeting after your last session with you. EVERY EXECUTIVE AND TEAM MEMBER HAD GREAT COMMENTS ABOUT YOU! Really, you showed each one of us a new light, personally and professionally. You are the best executive coach out there and you know how to put an entire company in the palm of your hand and lead them to victory. Thank you Lou! We look forward to having you come back for a tune up down the road." 

(Requested) Anonymous Company - SLC, Utah - January 2014 

"Retained Attainment for our Business Coaching needs and could not be happier. Their owner Lou did every Skype session with us and made sure that not only were our professional needs taken care of, but met with each one of us individually to strengthen much needed areas. We highly recommend Attainment Business and Life Coaching. Will be using them in the future."

  -J.L.  - Denver, CO - Skype Sessions January 2014

"Hi Lou, Even though I had a small coaching budget and we did not spend very much time together, I greatly appreciate your help and expertise. Not only did we cover the main areas of my personal and financial problems, but we pegged my career pitfalls within the resume, interview and higher profile job searching. Thanks to you, I am feeling better than ever!"

  -E. Kirkwood  - Salt Lake City, Utah February 2014

"Continued support, integrity, valiant effort.... Thank you Coach Lou, for pushing me to go above and beyond. Through your coaching genius I benefited in so many weak parts of my life. The daily agenda and building momentum topics really dawned on me within the first week. As we went along, I started implementing these teaching into my routine and made them my own. At the end, I felt completely turned around and a little confused that I never saw my very own potential! LOL. Thank you Coach. "

-Ryan K. L. - Midvale, Utah February 2014

"My investment paid off handsomely with Coach Lou.  I remember receiving an email promotion for a personal/professional coach way out in Utah. Apprehensive at first, I quickly realized that this was legit by way of accomplishments noted one after the other.  I emailed back and scheduled a free consult through skype online. This Coach Lou was the real article and lived up to the hype. He was upfront with how he could help and thoroughly evaluated by pitfall areas. I actually requested a second interview to be 100%, but after that I gladly went with the attainment package 1. It was fantastic! Weekly meetings that were on que with MY important issues, personal and professional. Lou did not miss a second of telling it like it needed to be told. Each meeting was complimented with email coaching and recaps, which kept me on track and completely efficient. A great experience from the south indeed. Thanks.  -TR.

 -T,R. - Atlanta, GA March 2014 

"Lou - I am happy to note that our coaching meetings have worked out very well so far. I have desperately needed someone to bounce ideas off of and there is no other person in my inner circle I respect more than you at this point. Your opinion is very valuable to me and I know another round of coaching will be the best chapter yet. Thank you so very much!"

       Mark SLC, Utah- March 2014     

"I am completely pleased with the outcome of my coaching package Lou. Every single detail was targeted and hit. Life after college has been hard, but knowing I can work with someone so experienced had been a true blessing. A mix of in-person and phone has also helped with my schedule. I greatly appreciate all of your help Lou."

     Todd T. Sandy, Utah- April 2014    

"Appreciation and thanks to Coach Lou for his care, compassion and coaching with our son (19). We were so impressed with his professionalism and approach to actually get him motivated to make a change. We tried doctors and other professionals thinking it was a mental problem. Until one of them highly recommended a life coach. Coach Lou was always in touch with out son's needs and aptitude. He made sure that a solid connection was first and foremost, followed by a plan of action. That is what he needed and that is exactly what will keep him on track. Thanks again. A. Dease"

        A. Dease.  - Salt Lake City, UT- April 2014          

"Coaching Success For A Single Female" - "You must have some kind of "what women want" type thing Lou, because you were amazing while working with me. Friends told me to go with a female life coach, but after reading your reviews I had a gut feeling of the exact opposite. Anyway, thank you for a great experience and some life lessons. I know it is not easy to be in your position, but you did it with precision and love. So thanks..."

S. F. Oleason - SLC, Utah April 2014 

"Coach Louis - The High Profile Life Coach"  "Dear Louis, I ask that you respect my anonymity with this email testimonial.... What a wonderful ride together! I was damn near clueless with life coaching until my wife sought you out. She passed your information onto me with the note: "This coach is of high profile and would be a perfect fit." She was right on. I want to thank you for diving into a load of problems and helping me to organize a game-plan. What sticks out the most, is being able to call you at anytime and talk out any problem or issue while I was on the road each week. Really, you mastered me by just being there. In addition to coaching that applied to each category I tried to map out on paper. Thank you Louis."

(Requested) Anonymous - SLC, Utah - April 2014

"Lou - I was happy to get such a strong recommendation from my sister who worked with you. Your expertise was well received on my end and helped me to attain a balance within my life, school, finances and dating. I also felt that when I made it a point to interject new topics, you responded so fast with meaningful advice. I was also excited about your flexibility, which helped a great deal on different weeks/days. I will be passing on the recommendation Coach!"

      R. Stafford  - Miami, FL  (Phone & Skype)  April 2014       

"Working with Coach Lou & Attainment was the best experience I have ever had with coaching of any kind. He never grew tired of me or my ongoing obstacles. As a 39 year old husband and father, I just could not get a grip on change. Lou was always enthusiastic, patient, honest and strong willed. His coaching taught me how to focus on a daily agenda and how to build a beneficial structure within the agenda itself. This led to me naturally allowing my wife and kids to be top priority instead of my job and other areas that were so distracting. Lou was a dream come true for all of us. His coaching and communication just kept pushing me to work harder and create a change."

   F. Cameron.  - Salt Lake City, UT- May 2014 

"ADD & Attainment Life Coaching" - "Hey Lou, Some great stuff came from our coaching process. I appreciate you being so open and sharing with me all of your writings, programs and keys to success. ADD is a VERY HARD thing to balance. I felt that you really were on the ball with my PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL NEEDS. I wish that more people had that mindset and did not think that ADD is some kind of made up craziness. Thanks again Lou."

R. D. Hudson - Bountiful, Utah - May 2014

"Life Coaching is such an important process when done right. I figured that it would be something I could do solo, without fail. The basis of something like it, keep most thinking that they are on track when they are truly lost in every sense. I greatly appreciate you giving me the tools and platform to rescue myself. I have always had a grand vision of success but it has always eluded me in some way. That kept me trapped and never tapping into my true potential. Your platform was perfect! It set such a strong route from beginning to end Lou. Granted, I was lost a few times due to getting ahead of myself, but stayed the course with you holding my hand, leading to a change. Even as an adult I am now not afraid to admit that we can all use more than just a few kind words. A plan of action is called for and we must be accountable to our own success. Thank you again Lou!" 

       J. P. - SLC, UTAH - June 2014     

"Dear Lou - Thanks very much for all of your help! I figured it would be a good idea to let you know just how you did this... First, identifying problem areas and obstacles. Next was helping me outline and execute the daily agenda. You preached this and it was much needed! Each meeting really spoke to the effects of needing a change personally and professionally. At 23 years old I had the thought of a better life. Pressure from my parents only made me run the other way. The above steps coming from you really helped make the difference. I have a great respect for what you have been through personally and have accomplished professionally. You were an excellent coach and I thank you for everything."

       Hilary - D. - June 2014   

"Hey Lou - Thank you for all the coaching and help.  I invested some great time (and money) but I am very happy with the results and where I am at because of your coaching.  Let's look to pick back up together in October. Thanks again!"

       I. P. - SLC, Utah/Detroit MI - June 2014  

"My Coach! - I think we both deserve a vacation after this! :)
Another one down and only ONE year left until graduation. Thanks for being with me this past semester and keeping me on track and ready for action. My grades speak for themselves thank you very much! Before: Focus? Me? Never! My study habits improved, my time management improved, my stress was near zero, I had much better planning academically and with family. I also followed a strict exercise plan that kicked my butt. Talk to you in late August!" 

   Ross - Skype + Phone Sessions - Boston College University - June 2014 Chestnut Hill, MA 

"Coach Lou - Nothing else could have helped me progress like your program.  Real Estate is TOUGH but with your help, it really became much easier. I very much appreciate everything you have done for me. Thanks for helping me hire the 4 staff members and develop them into just awesome sales machines!" 

        D.R - Real Estate Agent - Utah - July 2014  

"Thank you Lou for the day to day agenda and helping me rise above my problems. For so long I have depended on friends and family for some kind of help, but now feel as though I am stronger on my own.  Our meetings worked great and I am thankful for you traveling to me on campus.  I know that school is going to be an uphill climb, but I did not have the tools.  Now I have them and know how to implement them into school, social and career.  

      T. S.C. - University of Utah - Salt Lake City, Utah - July 2014

"Lou, I was honestly surprised at how you coached me.  At 38 years old my career became a pitfall and my social life was just day to day because of working around the clock. Our sessions were a handy element in my week and the email coaching stood out for the night time recaps before bed. Your mix of in person and phone meetings were key, as a person like me with ADD can easily get distracted. Work life is much better and my relationship with my boss has been healthier. Wife is happy that I am more in tune with the kids and my obligations and the kids are always happy just to have dad around more. THANK YOU LOU! I owe the success to you and have been blessed and honored to call you my life coach!"

      K.P.J.A. - Cottonwood Heights, Utah - August 2014

"Hi Lou, It is nice to finally be on the next level. My plan from the start with you (and your coaching) was to go from one level to the next. My expectations were not too high and I simply wanted to be "better." I feel that our time together was much better than I expected. Because of who YOU are and what you teach, there is no way that I could have failed. The agenda, communication and just time face to face helped me so much! I feel as though I am a pretty quick learner, but I thank you for slowing me down and not putting step 2 before step 1. This really helped me connect the dots and follow through with my daily's and tasks within the week. Your coaching has been perfect and you were very sweet the entire time."

   Courtney T. - Sandy, Utah - August 2014

"Lou - There are so many things that set you apart from the rest. The coaching provided a clear picture of what I need to change in my personal life. I deeply appreciate what you have done for me and the valuable tools that will stay with from here on out." 

   M.W.L. - Salt Lake City, Utah - September - 2014

"I want to thank you for the confidence boost and helping me understand that I do have the freedom to choose how I want to live my life. I came to you completely stuck Lou, but you made sure I could connect with the coaching partnership and walk away with a number of ways to handle negative situations. It is all about my mindset and how I choose to interpret situations. I also greatly benefited from you incorporating your life experiences that applied what I was going through. Thank you again Lou."

       H. M - Provo, Utah - September 2014

"Lou - I want to thank you for such a terrific job with Jason at Westminster out there in Utah. You provided him the tools and guidance to be better than he could have ever imagined. As you know, success is based on many factors in daily life. Young people (formerly Jason) just cannot overcome distractions/obstacles because they are surrounded by them in daily life. At school, at home and in the workplace. You are an amazing coach and we cannot thank you enough. His life changes are a true blessing to all of us and most importantly, to Jason now and in the future."

    L. I (For our son Jason @ Westminster) - Seattle, WA - October 1st 2014

"Thank you again for your hard work Lou. It is very hard as a parent to see how much our son struggles not only due to medical issues he has, but most distressing to see him struggle with himself.  You have made a strong impact on him that is for sure. We greatly appreciate your help, support and feedback."

  S.R. Park City, Utah - November 2014

"Dear Lou, I want to thank you for the coaching help and creating a real sense of urgency for my needs. With greater responsibility will come better opportunity and I now can see this thanks to our work together."

   B. B. - Salt Lake City, Utah - November 2014

"Hi Lou:  Whenever you come up in my linkedin connection list I always smile! You were a great help to me in a difficult time in my life. I loved that the first thing you did was to make me stop and figure out my family issues before you allowed me to start working on my business problems. I appreciated hearing that you understood what I faced."

      R. Salt Lake City, Utah - December 2014

"Lou - Thank you for helping me find a new path this past year. I am supremely grateful for you and the coaching. I have been giving immense opportunity and now feel strong enough to take my place in the front seat. You worked so hard to help me make a better life and for that, I am very appreciative. There are things I can do and dreams I can chase now that I no longer have fear to hold me back. Thank you for making this happen!"

    B.L.A. - SLC - Utah - January 2015

"Your role has been essential Lou" - Thank you for helping our son to date. The transition has been remarkable with school and his family. He fully understands that this change must come from him, and your role has been essential Lou. Now that we are into the new year, we are keeping our fingers crossed for continued success coming off of 2014 and the major improvements you have worked so hard to make with him. Honestly, the changes are showing and when he was home for the holidays the attitude was more positive and upbeat. As parents we are happy campers Lou! Keep up the great work and doing exactly what you have been doing."

    G.E. - Northern California - December 2014/January 2015 - Son @ U of U 

 "Hi Lou - From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!  I felt as though I was receiving coaching from a friend, as opposed to a stranger. My mom had found you and strongly felt that coaching would be a solid fit for me. She was right. Grades need to go a little higher, but from where I started (academic probation) I cannot even begin to complain. I also felt as though self confidence was a major hitch, but your personal teachings created a new path of encouragement. Thanks for saving me from myself and literally being kicked out of school due to bad grades and bad habits!"

  A.J.C - University of Utah - March 2015


"Coach Lou - Working with you was a first with a Life/Academic Coach and I must say, it worked out very well. Given that this was my first tour of duty, I find it important to email you over a focused letter of thanks and gratitude, so others can be informed of your excellent services. Many of our talks revolved around ambition, focus, commitment, followthrough, daily agenda and academics. Like many others, I was raised with little discipline so your teachings and preachings were a little tough at first. But as I got to know you and understood that your presence was longer term, I remember telling myself to get on track, LISTEN and be more "coachable."
Your personal touch and sense of humor helped me get through the tougher times of the school year. I am happy to look back with a valuable lesson mindset in just what it takes to be the best, academically and personally. I am looking forward to graduating next year (you'd better be there!) and keeping to our agreement with being humble and staying strong. Thank you again."  N.P.

N.P - Boise-Idaho/Logan Utah - March/April 2015 - Utah State University Class of 2016

"A Life Coach For A Baby Boomer" - "Dear Lou, I wanted to say thanks for making room on your client roster to coach an older generation. Finding a life coach for a baby boomer is not very easy, especially one of your status. Securing a job at my age is not an easy feat either. Resume building and job searching has become increasingly tough with such a crowded marketplace. Your help with these points and your help with what to do when I stop working in the next few years was very important and dear to me."

- A.V. Salt Lake City, Utah - April 25th 2015

"Lou @Attainment Life Coaching Utah - The Attainment program was a complete success with Seth.  He needed a college-level life coach to assist with good multi-tasking skills, accountability, direction and foundation while @ BYU.  He has a better attitude and is more tolerant to his family and friends. We believe that sometimes it is best to have non-family professionals step in to help support young-adults and develop life-skills that will continue them on a more successful path. Thank you. - JY"
 - JY - Sandy, Utah - May 2nd 2015 - (For Seth/Son - BYU)

"Hi Lou, I learned a great deal from our coaching sessions and want to thank you for the opportunity. Your replies were always quick and the advice was supportive in a constructive way every time.  I know you came highly recommended from so many others in Utah, but after working with you for the past nine months I can now attest to the reviews.  I have zero complaints and nothing but good things to say about your character and coaching."

  - T.L. SLC, Utah - May 20th 2015

"Using a life coach was a real eye opener for me, Lou. I am still just in awe of your abilities and attention to detail. It really was a pleasure to meet someone of your skills that understands complex needs within marriage, business, family, finances and direction.  Really, such versatility on your part to be able to properly switch gears as our program progressed and new needs were on the horizon. I felt as though you were just able to peg my thoughts before I could get them out. Your enthusiasm was genuine and your track record simply one of perfection. From phone calls to in person you were on the spot. Take care, Josh." 
   - J.K.H. - Cottonwood Heights, Utah - June 2015

"Lou - I wanted to pass on some feedback from our work together with executive business coaching since the first of 2015.  It was important for you to put the foot down and take over some of these tougher calls within my business.  Marketing and building a better client list has always been very hard for me.  A working relationship with someone I could trust seemed just odd.  You taught me through example, but were willing to put in some larger parts of the leg work. My experience as a whole was just great.  Overcoming distractions and "upping" my daily agenda was also essential.  I brought on more family members to support the business, which lead to more support of me and our staff.  Great ideas and follow through on your part, so thank you again."  Nette - 2015

    - N,H.E. Bountiful/SLC, Utah - June 2015

"Hey Lou, Thank you for everything. Things are on track and I am feeling better with our plan. My work schedule has paced out much better and I feel more productive when I am at home and working on my personal projects in my spare time. Kate is doing well and feeling as though she accomplished her agenda and goals.  I think having us both meet with you really made a difference for many reasons. She will write something to you soon, I am sure. As for social networks, I have taken your advice with a business network downtown and have attended three meetings. Met some good people and also made some real progress with communication."

 - A.F. & K.F. - SLC, Utah - July 2015

"Hi Coach Lou - Just talking with you two times per week by phone has been such a difference maker in my life and business.  Our talks have really focused on different viewpoints and getting to the heart of my issues.  Thanks for the support as well.  The email recaps are very helpful and keep me accountable.  I feel a strong connection with you and look forward to our renewal. Thanks again."

- PJ.J. - San Francisco, CA - August 2015

"College is easier with you" - "Coach - My last semester was not as strong as I wish it could have been, but having you with me helped me focus on school and social skills to have a bette outlook on what is ahead and in summer classes.  I know that this fall and full time school will be a better turnout for me because you have taken the time to help me write out a plan of action. I am so excited to have you continue with me in Fall of 2015 as college is much easier with you, Lou. Finals are at the end of the year and will be a great way for me to prove to myself, my family and you that I can have results through hard work. I am committed to this and making everyone proud. Thanks for believing in me Coach." 

 - T.M.E. Park City (University of Utah) - Summer/August 2015

"Lou - Thank you for the words of encouragement and thank you for sticking in this with me.  I know I have it me to be a productive and organized person.  I appreciate you being so knowledgeable with our topics and helpful with much needed advice. Your feedback has been an important factor in my progress."
                                                                                   - C.A  Utah - September 2015

"Hey Coach Lou - Had a great time during our coaching sessions. 25 years old and I had been acting like I was 17! Thanks for helping me structure and align my career goals with personal goals."

                                                                          -D.T. - South Jordan, Utah - September 2015

 "Coach Lou DePasquale - As a husband and wife with too many distractions/problems, we found that life coaching with you meant more than just "something" quick and semi-meaningful.  We found a stronger connection within our lives as a couple and much stronger on an individual basis as you rightfully advised to keep us balanced and not negatively dependent. We each have hobbies in addition to our couples agendas and we fully understand how much hard work from each of us is and will be required to make this work. We are truly both grateful for your coaching and guidance during the hard times."

                                                                 - M & Q.T. (Couple) Salt Lake City, Utah - October 2015

"Your life coaching was a big help Lou and I want to express my appreciativeness for the good work.  I was feeling completely lost and not happy. Never though that a coach such as yourself could get me to place where of ease and joy. Thank you for a job well done."

                                                                                -G..E - Magna, Utah - October 2015

"Lou, Thank you for the mentoring and interview help this past summer. It has been wonderful basking in the glow of a new path, thanks to you. I have a good balance in daily life and I could not wait to move past my last job. I feel this is a career path and things are finally going my way. Our agenda was clear and you were precise. Thanks again. - Nick"

                                                             - N.B.W. - Washington D.C. - Skype/Phone - November 2015

"Lou/Attainment (A note of thanks) - What a great opportunity this was for our son. He has a great respect for you and benefited so much from your lessons and coaching while in college. A plan of action from your position and a complete understanding of his needs was crucial for us when finding a coach. We were impressed by your experience in life coaching and really appreciated you taking the time throughout the year with phone calls. As you know Jim is a little quirky when it comes to his son, but you supported parental needs like a champ Lou! We were worried that coming from an affluent family, he might fall into a certain trap once in Utah. We appreciate you being able to coach him on getting a small job and understanding how things cannot just be handed to him. Something in a world in which he was not accustomed to. A great experience from our end Lou, as you were a life saver!" 

                                                     - V.F. (For Son/R.F.). - SLC, Utah/Punta Gorda, FL - December 2015

"Thanks Lou, for putting together a new life plan for me. My wife was happy to see such a drastic change in my demeanor and in my overall well-being. There is just no way I could have done this by myself or without your help and coaching."

                                                                            - C.S.Z. - SLC, Utah - January 10th 2016

"Lou - We wish to extend our deepest gratitude for the business and life coaching within this past year.  Your exceptional attention to detail not only helped develop our team and raise our sales, but you worked wonders with creating a culture that each member can benefit from.  You also helped me as the CEO, create a better balance as we transitioned down this new path of success."

                                               - K.A.O.L Company - (Life & Business Coaching) Utah - January 17th, 2016

"Lou - After taking the plunge into life coaching for our son, we could not have been more pleased with the results.  I have experience with coaching as I retained one many years ago for my business. Sarah and I were happy to have contact with you and informative updates that reflected a positive pattern of growth with our son.  Please keep in mind that your hard work really helped him go from boyhood to manhood in a timeframe that we never thought would be realistic.  Also, you completed so many levels of work with him that we could have never done."

                                                                 - N.O.P. SLC, Utah/Seattle, WA - February 2nd 2016

"Lou - I want to say Thank You for the links.  I really appreciate everything you are doing to help grow my business. I have been getting out and meeting new people in the real estate industry. Marketing is going very well and I am doing things that I never would have thought I would/could do!  Thank you for all you have done!

                                                                         - C. H. -  Centerville, Utah - March 2016

"Hi Lou, I hope I can be counted as one of your positive reviews with our coaching and your mentoring. I believe it is important for others to know that I had not only an exceptional experience, but learned a great deal from you personally. This in turn truly changed by life. I also think that people tend to measure themselves in unrealistic ways. I feel into this category, but you helped me understand the meaning of coaching on an individual and non-selfish level. More people need to understand the value in a partnership and let it resonate into all areas of their lives.  Once again, I have you to thank for this!"

                                                                        - C.L.L. - SLC, Utah/Minnesota - April 2016

"Lou, thanks again for helping me with the coaching program. It really helped me maximize my potential and exercise all options at hand. It helped to have someone near to bounce ideas off of and talk me through problems with my relationships and work."

                                                                                - T.W. - SLC, UTAH - May 2016

"LDS Stay At Home Mom of 5" - Coach Lou - My feelings of hopelessness have passed and I am now on a journey of being my own person. For too long I have been caught up in what others think of me and how they might judge character behind my back. With your coaching came a new light within me. An LDS mother of five that is a stay at home mom can be sometimes disheartening. You wonder if those around you really care about your sacrifices and effort. Our time together helped me see that I must be accountable and create a new way within my individuality. You provided me with soooo many answers to my questions, through patience and understanding. A life coach with a keen sense of direction for his tough clients. Wisdom beyond your young years that supported me through each stretch of road."
                                                                           - B.L. - South Jordan, Utah - June 2016  

"ADHD Success In Daily Life - "Dear Lou - I never thought that I could properly balance my ADHD and a successful life. You really helped me better myself personally and professionally no matter the obstacle. Brilliant work I must say! You are a life coach who knew his craft and I never doubted your skills for a moment. I only doubted myself at first, but then could tell that having a coach/partner like you would be greatly beneficial. Thank you!"

                                                           BC.. - Westminster College - SLC, Utah/Kentucky - July 2016

"Attainment Coaching rocked! Mr. DePasquale never once made me feel like I was on my own. He stood by me through thick and thin. We built a custom package that covered in person sessions and skype meetings, even though his schedule was clearly hectic for the time of year and amount of clients already under his watchful eye. It was more than worth the fee and I have grown in a variety of ways."
                                                                        - Greg T. - West Jordan, Utah - August 2016

"Coach, Attainment's programs were perfect for me and my family. A strong push from someone non-family was the everything as promised. Business is going well and I am looking to hire at least two new employees to help with the back-room and orders. Wife and I are spending more time together with date nights and weekends, while the little ones are enjoying winter break and excited for the Christmas. Thank you for teaching me to be a better FATHER, HUSBAND AND PERSON!!!

                                                                                 I.A.T - Sandy, Utah - August 2016

"Lou, Since working with you, our daughter is well on track and setting a much higher standard in life and academics. We appreciate your coaching, efficiency and even coming to our home for weekly sessions. Teens can be very tough as you know, so we are also thankful for your patience and strong approach with her. A perfect connection. Looking forward to more time with you."

                                                                      EL.CT - SLC, Utah/Connecticut - September 2016

"Father & Son Life Coaching Success" - "Lou, I am so happy that my son could also reap the great benefits from our life coaching sessions. He learned a ton of new material that he can implement into his daily schedule, within school and with friends. Wonderful work Coach Lou."
                                                                      Bruce & T. - Salt Lake City, Utah - November 2016

"Life Coach Lou, I want to say thank you for such a successful coaching collaboration. Being able to focus on shorter term goals was an outstanding point for me. I also enjoyed your concepts and teachings. I noticed that I became so much more responsive to coaching, once I completely understood how it applied to me. You led the way and made it happen for me. Thanks. Vicky."

                                                            Vicky IR.. - South Jordan, Utah/Virgin Islands - December 2016

"Lou has to be the most hard working coach one has met. Working all hours of the day/night, he answered every single one of my phone calls without a trace of needing to be somewhere else. His positive energy and outstanding charisma was much needed for my business and relationship issues. If you read this and are looking to use Coach Lou, do not think a second more."

                                                                               S.L. - Las Vegas, NV -  January 2017

"Lou - Your love for what you do and direction of coaching is artfully efficient. Always happy to chat with you as it is amazing how much hope and confidence comes from our conversations. Moving in a direction towards real change has been a very important step for me at home and at work. Thanks for always checking in on me!"

                                                                                R.J.E.. - Provo, Utah - February 2017

​             "Hi Lou - Everything has been going so well! I have started looking online for classes towards my bachelor's degree.

My family life is night and day better since we started and I finally feel as though everything is coming together. Communication with my wife is open and effective. My problem with porn is now a thing of the past thanks to your support and advice. My hobbies of tinkering in the garage and drawing have become front line priorities. I feel as though these are not distractions but a solid way to work through my obstacles. At 23 years old I was so stuck and pinned down in life. I am so thankful for your help Lou."

   C.B.D.. - Salt Lake City, Utah -  2017

" Coach, I rapidly reached my goals thanks to your strategic and analytical approach. Moved so far, so fast and I was engulfed every second of our package. Your advice and direction created a strong daily agenda for me to run with. Thanks again for making this happen."

 - Phil W. Salt Lake City, Utah - 2017

"Dear Coach Lou, I am happy to have discovered such clarity within our work together. Seriously, A structured agenda built on daily organization was the way to go. I love how you tailored a program that was just for me. People like me can easily get side-tracked which leads to failure and then the gut wrenching feeling of being stagnant and lazy. I remember being very hesitant to find a life coach, but looking back now, I would have greatly regretted not doing so with you."

   T.D. Park City, Utah - 2017

" I think of you often and smile at the work we have done together and how much I appreciate you Lou. You will be a person close to my heart always. I will forever feel that you were put in my life by God and deeply thank you for that."

  - M.H.H. SLC, Utah - 2017

"Coach Lou - We sincerely appreciate the effort you have made with Nathan and his difference in recognition of his reality and not kidding himself on where he is at. You are very good at what you do and we thank you so much for all the energy you have put into trying to help him shift his maturity toward a pattern of healthy, happy and sustainable living based on responsible choices."

With Gratitude, D & L 

 - D & L Family - Eagle, ID & Tokyo, Japan - 2017

" Lou - Thanks for all you have been doing, it has made a BIG difference and we (mom & dad) hear details of every session. You and this process have given Mike the confidence to make and follow-up on the decisions that he had made and chose. Frankly, we could not be happier. We are very proud of him and look forward to his next steps. The financial step was an issue and I asked him to bring up and he has done a great job of it. Paying off SLCC was a major step and huge progress. Please stay in communication, as we love to send these kind of e-mails. Thanks again!"

- C.H.M. - Portland, Oregon - 2018

" Hi Lou - I had a great interview today! I was interviewed by the international sales manager and one of the engineers in the department. They were more interested in my resume and military career, but many of our questions came up as well. During the interview they complimented some of my answers. Thanks to our in person meeting yesterday, I was feeling very confident and I am positive about getting a job offer very soon. You clearly made a huge difference in this process and I am very thankful for that! At the end of the interview the sales manager took me on a tour of the company to make sure I like it."

- R.D.P. - Murray, Utah -  2018

"I cannot say enough great things about coaching with Lou/Attainment. My sense of responsibility is now much greater than before. I am not trapped like I used to be and now have the foresight to get my daily agenda into motion. Coach Lou guided me to great heights in my personal and professional life. After college recently, it seemed as though getting a job/career and making a life would prove extremely difficult. He coached me to re-evaluate and take aim from an alternative perspective. It worked! It feels as though the sky is the limit and I can make better decisions with a stronger mindset."

  E.K. - SLC - Utah - 2018

"Lou did such an immaculate job with coaching me and my executive tech team. He truly captured the essence of my personal problems and taught me how to not only problem solve, but to understand how true change is not about the big picture but the daily effort and consistency that starts with me. Lou has a certain vitality about him that just floats to the surface with every session. Business is much stronger and my family time has greatly improved. Lou taught me how to invest myself into my business and take accountability with what I can change and what my team can do to help."

    G.G.C.T. - Orem, Utah - 2019

"Lou - Just wanted to let you know that I very much appreciate all the hard work you have done on behalf of our family.  
I knew that helping raise our son and help him turn into a fine young man was a big job. In hindsight I see lots of things I would have done differently. Mostly I would have arranged for lots of help much earlier. One thing that did go well was your program.   
We didn't reach my dream objective, him taking advantage of a scholarship at a 4 year college. But to happen it had to be his dream too. And within his capacity. So I'm happy the offer was available. Thanks for all the hard work.  You are a great coach.

- B.H.C.P. - San Francisco, CA - 2019

 "Lou, Thank you so much for the help and updates. I hope to meet you in person someday to thank you for all the help with my son. Knowing that he is moving forward with you means so much to me and our family!"

- L.C.G. - Houston, TX - 2019

Incredible work with your life coaching. I greatly benefited from our sessions and have a firm grasp on my issues thanks to you. Furthermore, I have been able to make a move to be better about how I go about my goals and daily agenda, which before, seemed so hard to form and execute."
- Kenneth R. Cottonwood Heights, Utah - 2019

"Lou, A thousand thanks from one happy return missionary. My parents are very happy with you helping me land the job in real estate. I don't think I could've passed the big test without your help and support. Excited for my new career and one big step closer toward a new me. Everything just feels so much easier. Thanks. Cole."

 -  Cole S. - Salt Lake City, Utah - 2020

" Lou, Thank you for always being a real lifeline for our son. You have been there time and again. I know he counts on you as a key sounding board and is so much more upbeat and eager to talk to his family after meeting with you."

- D.R.R. - SLC, Utah - 2020

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