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"A Strong Work Ethic + True Dedication"

It started at the young age of 12 in Murray, Utah. I was learning quickly how to balance academics, work, life, ice hockey and travel. My father Bill DePasquale owned a successful Salt Lake City drafting and engineering supply company that he built from the ground up side by side with my Uncle Robert back in 1983. For the business, he would have to travel the entire USA working hands on with crews of people to fulfill large work requests for the government, military, colleges and corporate offices. I started to see how my father balanced life, work, family and marriage the proper way by creating a strong regimen of self discipline, family time when home, being a deeply devoted husband and always being a positive role model for his children. Especially making sure that when I traveled with him to all these amazing places, that my school work was taken care of in full. Things that other kids would only read about, I was seeing up close and in person. I used to keep a large map of all the places we traveled between 12-18 years old, but when I got a little older, I lost it. :(

I fondly remember that my strong work ethic was shaped by my father having me lead crews, work on and with all equipment, designating fair breaks for lunch and homework and keeping a real life adult type work day schedule each day to lay the foundation for structure. I was not sitting in a corner wanting to do something else or complaining, I was ecstatic to jump in. My biggest lesson in "building character" came in May of 1995 in Oklahoma City at barely age 14. Only one month after The OKC Bombing, my father and I arrived for an installation job. He was sure to point out the value of such a trip once we visited the site of the attack and how our team of respective local workers would be understandably affected by life changing events. That was also a strong lesson in humility for me, as I will never forget the entire 8-day trip and seeing a city and community come together in many important ways to aid one another. Through many of our work trips around the nation, the work itself was not always completely finished and after the crews dispersed, we would share the load and continue until the job was done in each city. Again, all at an age where most kids nowadays just want parents to buy them everything and leave them to text/play on their smartphone. At 15, I started working every day after school in the warehouse, packing/shipping boxes and freight and making good money. I also balanced hockey practice late at night and games on the weekends around our travel. 

My life has always been about smart choices. We are all human and have our share of dumb mistakes that we look back on and simply slap our forehead in stupidity. However, I pride myself to this day on a what I call a "rigid code of ethics in which I never stray from." I have never touched drugs (even though I have successfully & patiently coached many former addicts), I have always been a leader and never a follower. We live nearly debt free and still have a luxurious life in wealth not only in monetary terms, but first and foremost in self respect and lovingly putting others before ourselves. I have donated a LARGE amount of free time to coaching those less fortunate. I strongly believe in diversity and equality for all regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. 

We live in a society where living by actual standards is done only by the minority. The majority lacks self control, accountability and follow through. These are the founding principles of Attainment and my coaching and they are not based on narrow mindedness or naivete. Always practice what you preach, because you have to look in the mirror everyday. My personal coaching clients love my authenticity and teachings that come from real places. Integrity and Honesty.

Even after criss crossing this great country with dad, we always agreed Utah was simply home. I had an exceptional upbringing with two loving parents and 3 older brothers in a busy and sometimes hectic household in Murray, Utah. But every time I drive past the old home, I simply smile and always make a point to recall a fond family memory there.  My mother was always the bright and shining light in my life.  She was the true cornerstone of the family and was always there to help guide the way in great detail. Together, they were the driving force that helped make me who I am today and I owe all of my success and attributes to them. They were married for 35 beautiful years.

"Exceptional Versatility & Adaptability"

No matter what I have done in my life, coaching other people has always been a successful part of the agenda. By nature I am a "workhorse" which entails making sure the job is completed better than expected and being resilient through tough times with clients. The cliche of first to arrive and last to leave the office day in and day out applies here. Slacking is for the lazy and those who cannot commit to standing out from the masses. Being a true workhorse is an admirable character trait within my family that I pass on to clients in need of a more effective life and work ethic. I have been coached by the very best of mentors and can proudly say that I have coached the best. Those who have made very large footprints in a wide variety of fields all over the world. My exceptional versatility, adaptability and self discipline have been instrumental parts of my success.  As I transitioned into my much needed role at a large coffee corporation in Training & Operations, I was able to jump in with both feet. Traveling was old hat and I had my skills, upbeat attitude and an open mind to listen to my mentors. 

Through my years in corporate America, I was trained by way of hard work, dedication and methodical practices 24/7, which truly defines "around the clock." Mentors that are prominent and accomplished to this day within Utah and outside. They took the time to work with me, teach me and discipline me to be the very best. They did this in a healthy way, not in a militant style.  The sole reason I have Attainment Coaching today, is because of my years on the road coaching people of all backgrounds, ages, races and genders, plus the spark from my multiple seasoned mentors within this great coffee company and corporate franchise. Michael, Harold, Brad, Jack and Steve: I owe you five more than you will ever know. Each of you served as a father figure in different ways over the course of many years, even through my darkest days of losing my father. My personal life and business coaches indeed. In my tenure, I personally helped over one-hundred successful franchise locations and a vast amount of employees male and female, young and old. Working sometimes 19 HOUR DAYS to help these fine people balance personal and professional life management within daily business.

In 2008, I buckled down and on my very own, designed and launched Attainment Coaching Utah Career/Business Coaching. With a proven track record and continual mindset of helping people both personally and professionally. I also wanted to make sure that I offered 24/7 sessions around each and every client, because we all have different schedules with work, life and family. No matter my client load, I still proudly offer 24/7 sessions around the world with a proper coach cost. With an impeccable reputation, a strong work ethic passed down from both of my parents and the ability to effectively help those in need, my coaching will continue to benefit those in need for years to come. To date, I have personally coached thousands of souls from around the globe.

In early 2003, my father died very unexpectedly. He was a young 54 years of age. In September 2011 my mother passed away in a similar manor respectively, at only age 61. Their guidance, support, love and teachings further illustrate my true passion to "give back" and help others. I miss them every single day, but draw strength from the strong roles they both played in my life. Many times in life you have to learn to hold your own and play with the cards your dealt. In my respective situation, there is no safety net or going home to mom and dad. So failure is not an option. In November 2012 my family was dealt another blow with the loss of our brother Brent. His long and courageous battle with Crohn's disease came to an end. He was only 40 years old and leaves behind two wonderful children. Brent taught me the meaning of perseverance and truly making the distinction between right and wrong. Through my childhood and teenage years, he was a guide and coach within my social life and school work. We shared a wonderful bond in music, movies and other pop culture areas along with many other avenues that keep brothers close. He was a fighter since the age of 9 with his disease and never let it get the best of him. He will continue to be a positive reference point and inspire me through whatever lies ahead. 

Over the years with my teenage, collegiate aged and adult children clients, it has been important to help them effectively understand independence, responsibility, accountability and individuality. A helping hand from a parent is okay, but in today's terms it is very subjective. Some abuse this privilege and feel it is a never ending pipeline for them to go out, live it up, run up the credit cards and turn to parents for a bail out. In many instances with spouse and kids in tow, needing to move back in or a heavy check from mom and pop that burns a hole in their pocket. I have even worked with young adults who need to be "separated" from their mom/dad for multiple years and only working with me in every aspect of daily life, as this sometimes is the only way to break dependence on parents for financial or other bailouts. They are called Boomerang Kids, Adult Children and Failure to Launch. I have done many news segments on this growing topic and these young people need a seasoned coach to help them attain measurable progress in many areas of daily life. 

"At the end of the day"

At the end of the day, business is business but it is all about your home life and how you choose to live it on a daily basis with those you care about and love. My older brother Bob has been a positive driving force for my personal and professional success since day one. We share an unspoken sibling bond and I owe him a large debt of gratitude for always being by my side through thick and thin, no matter the course. From childhood to adulthood, he has always stood by my side, ready for battle. We are both fond of our dedication and hard work towards an unbreakable relationship. His work ethic, character and a strong moral compass towards those he loves, always keeps me proud of him. My eldest brother William was an essential part of my childhood and teenage years. I remember one of my first accomplishments was being able to competently read his college books at only 10 years old. He made sure that not only was I focusing on important things such as reading those books, but also helping me keep an open mind with music and various cultural topics and ideas, that today are a large part of my coaching and success.

My favorite diverse vacation spots are Monaco, Paris, Rome, Vegas (Go Knights!) San Francisco, Washington D.C. (Go Caps!) Boston, Miami & Seattle. I also enjoy playing Ice Hockey competitively and various other sports. Whether on ice or on rollerblades, hockey has been a major part of my life since I was 5 years old. Being such a wonderfully rigorous sport, my brother and I continue privately renting out ice rinks to stay in shape. I proudly reside in Cottonwood Heights, Utah with a deeply-rooted family history throughout this great state that I choose to call home.

I am most confident that your custom experience with Attainment, our Award-Winning Coaching content and working one on one with myself, will be one of great value for not only in 2024, but for years to come. By becoming a client of Attainment Coaching you will be joining many successful people not only within the United States, but around the world. I look forward to sharing my vast array of teachings and strategic programs. Coaching expertise only gained from a large amount of diverse client history and stories from the road that helped me to not only become an elite coach and a well respected businessman, but a better person all around by listening and giving back.

I will also share more about the mentors that took the time to shape my life as you read about in the snapshot above. My many years of coaching within numerous personal and professional capacities will leave a positive imprint with you and your family for time to come. I am so very proud of the success in my life via Attainment Coaching and joyfully reflect to see what I have built from scratch through hard-work, sacrifice and great dedication..​.

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