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Core Leadership​​

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Award-Winning Utah Career, Executive Leadership Coach & Life Mentor, Lou DePasquale has spoken at numerous public and private events across the country, in addition to his custom workshops and highly sought after coaching especially within Utah since 2008. His versatility with personal & professional topics alike, blend with a lighthearted touch that accommodates all for a wonderful experience. With an impeccable reputation and persevering through personal tragedies and overcoming various life obstacles, Lou genuinely leads by example and will teach you how to be a leader in your own right, through building skills on an individual basis and within a daily process that is full-customized for you, your family member or management team.

Master Coach Lou will help you create a detailed agenda and criteria that pairs incentives/vision/skills/goals, with a clear outline of daily progress that one can see and feel. Leading to measurable progress and movement that helps "create wins" and healthy momentum. Contact us with the form below and schedule a free phone consultation to see precisely how we can help you personally + professionally, in 2024. Coach Lou has helped so many with "lifestyle creep" and forging a new path.

Working in "Phases" to help each client establish realistic time-frames within their coaching journey. Developmental strategies that create a road map + success plan, leading to a stronger sense of creative + critical thinking. After 17-years of traveling the globe, Award-Winning Coach Lou DePasquale still supports all clients either 1:1 or in groups, to maximize focus to help stave of any regression while moving the needle forward, within all objectives and goals.